We introduce the new Adidas Sport sunglasses collection where functionality and style are combined at perfection. Because of this Adidas Sport is one of the best options for athletes.

Adidas Competition, Performance and Urban

Buy your sunglasses for training, competition or for daily use

This collection is divided into three lines: 

Competition,performance and urban.

Each one of these offers through technology, style and comfort, different models with a great adaptability to any kind of needs .

Adidas sunglasses for the Competition

Competition glasses are very versatile, they can be adjusted to any sport due to their flexible frame and to the great adaptation to the facial physiognomy. This glasses also include an anti-fog ventilation system and the glass can be changed to another one with short and easy steps. With this they offer a greater adaptation to any weather condition so you can enjoy outdoor sports.

Sunglasses Adidas Sport Performance

In the Performance category of Adidas Sport collection, style takes more importance than in the previous line, without taking off functionality and comfort. As an example this line still has adjustable nose pads for better fit. It’s a line designed to make you feel cool while practicing any kind of sport.

Sunglasses Urban, always ready

Finally, the Urban line, which is defined as the perfect mix of style and functionality, a sunglasses designed to be prepared for any situation. With a lot of colors and shapes Adidas Sport offers trend without forgetting the practicality.
Every year UV rays are stronger, that is why it is so important to protect our eyes with approved glasses. Clouds are not UV blockers, so it is always recommended to be equipped with approved lenses while you are practicing outdoor sports.


Inspired by Adidas legacy, one of the brands leaders in Sportswear and footwear, born Adidas Originals in 2001 as a lifestyle brand.



The brand keeps the essence of what was Adidas before, offering as always innovation and creativity from sports perspective.

With the iconic Clove logo, which was presented in 1972 and with the support of referents in to the creative culture, Adidas Originals is one of the pioneers brand in the sportswear style.

The Adidas Originals sunglasses are the mix between the first designs for sport, Hip hop essence and the sportswear movement of nowadays. Their products are born from sport and worn for style.


A functional sunglasses and trendy, so colorful and with a huge variety of shapes, with a creativity and style that talk for themselves.

The Adidas Originals collection have a sunglasses collection and vision ones, an audacious and perfect collection for this SS21 season.

What is the Digital Revolution and how does it affect us?

The Digital Revolution in Optics

At Bassol Optic we have been offering a wide variety of optical solutions for more than 20 years both in Glasses and in Prescription Lenses or Contact Lenses. During this time that we have been providing our Optics services, we have lived a transformative process, today we want to explain the process of Digital Revolution that Optics has undergone and the changes that we have carried out.

What is the Digital Revolution?

The Digital Revolution consists of adding a new technology to the sector, although before we knew mechanics, analog and electronics, a new Digital technology is going to be adopted as indisputable on some occasions.

Digital Technology will begin at the end of the 70’s with the first digital computers and the first digital records that remain in force today. The Digital Revolution ushered in the Information Age.

How does the Digital Revolution affect us?

The Optics sector, like the Automobile sector, has suffered the Digital Revolution or for some experts also called the Third Industrial Revolution.

In the last two decades, the Digital Revolution has made us participate in a series of tools:

Mobile phones become as important as computers, even sound is prohibited in certain contexts such as exams, meetings or cinemas.

Text messages have become a cultural phenomenon and are established as a channel of communication.

With these first elements, we started the Digital Revolution and began to revolutionize the world and society until the last decade.

Today the widespread use of the Internet, Smarthpones, Tablets, Applications, Social Networks or SmartTV, have become the standard format for digital communication.

What are we doing at Bassol Optic?

The Digital Revolution has not caught us by surprise, for more than 10 years we have been offering a series of measures, all of them incorporate Digital Technology and guarantee full access to any of the Bassol Optic services.

Ecommerce: Internet - Smarthpones - Tablets

With a journey of more than 10 years on the Internet, our Ecommerce presents a mature state and is accessible by Computer, Smartphone or Tablets.

Through this channel we offer the same services as at the physical point of sale:

Prescription Glasses

Prescription your Glasses with the security of having an Online Optician at Bassol Optic.


You have a catalog of more than 15,000 Sunglasses available.

Contact Lenses

The same lenses as in the Optician with the advantages of Online.

Social Networks: Facebook - Instagram - WhatsApp

Social Networks allow us to have a positive impact on brand communication and customer service. Particularly while we are reviewing Social Networks or dealing with WhatsApp, we will reliably keep you informed.




How can I buy prescription glasses?

Our Online Optics allows you to configure great prescription glasses that adapt perfectly to the user without the need for any knowledge in Optics. Before starting, please take a look at our Prescription Glasses catalog to find the best design or the best frame that suits your face.


Remember that only an ophthalmologist or an optical optometrist can grade your vision and determine the prescription you need. Don’t forget to do it every year. Our opticians are at your disposal in any of our establishments to graduate your eyesight and advise you on the type of correction you need, do not hesitate to consult them.

1. How to buy prescription glasses online?

In the product file for Prescription Glasses you will find the button “BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION”. Selecting this button we will enter to configure our Prescription Glasses.

* If you click on the Add to Cart button, you will not be able to choose your lenses and you will go directly to buy the product without a prescription.

* If the option CHOOSE YOUR LENSES does not appear in the product sheet, it is because the selected glasses does not allow its graduation.

2. Choose the type of prescription for your prescription glasses.

If you have clicked on the “BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION” button, you will have 2 options that will allow you to customize the type of focus of your Prescription Glasses. You can add an option, Monofocal or Progressive depending on the field of vision you need in your prescription.

2.1 Prescription Glasses with Single Vision Lenses

We will select Monofocal for a field of vision (near or far) or reading.

Option 1. INDO Single Vision Standard Lenses

The default system selects this lens range. Among its benefits, INDO organic lenses manufactured in Spain have superior quality anti-reflective and hardened lenses. It offers greater visual comfort and transparency than the basic lens.

Option 2. ZEISS Single Vision Premium Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your single vision lenses. A premium quality with DuraVision Platinum anti-reflective, UV400nn protection of the eyes and the skin that surrounds them, as well as more transparent, lighter and easier to clean lenses.

2.2 Prescription Glasses with Progressive Lenses

We will select Progressive to see well at all distances, far, intermediate and near. With this type of lens you avoid having to change glasses in different fields of vision, whether for far, intermediate or near.

Option 1. INDO Progressive Standard Lenses

In the case of having selected the Progressive focus type, we will have this option selected by default. The benefits of this Made in Spain Lens are comfortable vision at all distances and easy adaptation, as well as superior quality anti-reflective and hardened.

Option 2. ZEISS Progressive Premium Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your progressive lenses. A premium quality with perfect vision at all distances, 100% guaranteed fit, UV400nn protection of the eyes and the skin around them.

3. Add the treatments to your prescription glasses.

Once the selection of the type of focus, both Monofocal and Progressive, has been made and the quality of our lens has been chosen, then we can add the different specific treatments that we recommend. The system allows combining them according to the manufacturer’s options:

Blue Light Filtering Lenses for Computer Use

Benefits for the user:

Protection for your eyes against blue light emitted by Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.

Ensures relaxed vision even in high amounts of blue light.

Reduces visual stress, eye strain, headache, and sleep problems caused by blue light.

Photochromic Lenses for Outdoor Use

Benefits for the user:

The lenses darken outdoors and clear indoors, so you will enjoy prescription glasses and sunglasses in one frame.

They adapt quickly to changes in light to offer more functionality on a day-to-day basis.

They offer 100% protection against harmful UV solar radiation.

Specific Lenses for Driving Use

Benefits for the user:

Better vision in low light conditions.

Decrease in glare from cars and street lights.

Accurate view of the road, dashboard, rear view mirror and side mirrors.

4. Enter the graduation data for your recipe.

Once the lens process has advanced and having clicked on Place Order, we can enter the data of our prescription. Remember that only an optician or optometrist can issue this information.

If you cannot enter this information, you can upload a file and we will review it personally.

*1. The Addition field is mandatory for Prescription Glasses with Progressive Lenses. In the case of graduating Monofocal Lenses, it will appear disabled.

*2. The Pupillary distance field is mandatory to graduate any lens, either Monofocal or Progressive. If you do not know it, you can read: How to measure your interpupillary distance?

5. Reduce the thickness of your prescription lenses

In relation to the data entered in the section on prescription data, we will recommend a reduction index for your prescription lenses. In any case, you can always select a higher reduction index than recommended, obtaining thinner and lighter lenses.

We will continue with the process by clicking on the BUY button.

As a last detail, the system allows you to save the graduation data with the graduation profile, being able to use the same account to make several different recipes.

We will add the Name of the profile and it will be available in our personal space to consult it.

With this point we would have our Prescription Glasses in a simple and fast way, we would only have to proceed to pay for them.

This same process of configuring prescription glasses also allows you to do it for Prescription Sunglasses.

Treatments and Uses of Prescription Glasses

Characteristics and uses of Prescription Lenses

Bassol Optic offers a wide variety of different solutions in Prescription Lenses, it does not matter if you need monofocal or progressive lenses, our team of opticians will always have the right solution to correct your vision. In addition to offering you the best solution, we want to explain the different filters or special treatments to increase your quality and visual comfort regardless of the vision problem.

ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum treatment.

High-quality lenses also require top-quality treatments in terms of protection, accessories or design. That’s why we offer cutting-edge technology like DuraVision® Platinum, the toughest treatment ever.

DuraVision®Platinum technology offers the highest quality prescription lenses. ZEISS DuraVision ® Platinum is the premium coating that, in addition to providing excellent anti-reflective properties, offers premium quality for the ultimate protection that makes ZEISS lenses extremely strong and resistant.


Everyday necessities call for tough, dirt-resistant lenses that are easy to clean, which is why tough anti-reflective coatings are offered, although the quality of these coatings can vary considerably.


These hard and light lenses are very strong, resistant to dirt and easy to clean, while offering extraordinary anti-reflective properties. An integrated system of layers compacted by ion irradiation results in a lens surface that is three times harder than the previous generation of organic lenses.

1. More robust

The new DuraVision® Platinum lenses are three times harder than the previous generation of hard plastic lenses with anti-reflective treatment and 35% harder than mineral lenses.

2. Resistant to dirt

The patented fifth antistatic layer prevents the formation of static electricity. Since neither dust nor lint is attracted to the lens surface, the lens stays clean longer.

3. Easy to clean

The extremely smooth surface makes cleaning easy. Lenses with high contact angles repel oil and water better. They have a contact angle greater than 110 ° (normally 95 °).

4. Anti-reflective

A new, less noticeable blue reflection color increases the light reflectance of the lens, resulting in even better vision. They show 20% less than conventional lenses.

ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect treatment.

ZEISS DuraVision ® BlueProtect is a treatment developed specifically for those who spend most of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs and from television screens, computers or tablets.

Tinted or photosensitive lenses absorb some of the blue-violet light.

ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect reflects some of the blue-violet light

DuraVision® BlueProtect - the solution for indoor activities

ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect reflects parts of the blue-violet light emitted by these sources, preventing light from entering the eye.

The ZEISS treatment reduces transmission in the 380–455 nm spectrum (blue light risk) to a PPI of 15, while maintaining a high transmission level above 460 nm.

ZEISS DuraVision® DriveSafe treatment.

Glare can pose a risk as it reduces the visibility of objects and the eye’s sensitivity to contrast. In particular when driving at night, the high intensity of light from the headlights of cars with xenon or LEDs can irritate the eyes.

With ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, ZEISS introduces a new category of lens for everyday use. It has been specifically designed to meet the vision needs of people who want to feel safer and more comfortable driving with their everyday glasses.


ZEISS has developed an everyday lens based on three elements to make driving safer and more comfortable.


ZEISS Luminance Design Technology considers pupil size in low light situations.

ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe treatment reduces the perception of glare by up to 64%.

Up to 43% larger intermediate vision area to facilitate focus change between dashboard and mirrors. And up to 14% larger distance zone for a broader view of the road.

Better vision in low light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving on road.

Reduced glare at night caused by oncoming vehicles or street lights.

Clear view of the road, dashboard, rear view mirror and side mirrors.

ZEISS UVProtect Technology in Clear Lenses.

UV radiation is always present. All year round, all day, both in winter and summer, in sunny weather and even on cloudy days. UV rays have some positive effects on people, for example it stimulates the production of vitamin D. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to UV rays also poses serious health risks.

Partial UV Protection

Total UV Protection (Zeiss)

Don't put your eye health at risk.

Continuous exposure to UV radiation is not only harmful to the skin, it can also cause eye damage. Over time, it can cause various types of eye diseases and accelerate the aging of the tissue around the eyes.


Corneal burn caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.


Opacity of the lens, usually due to excessive exposure to UV light.


The aging of the skin of the eyelids makes the skin thicker and very marked wrinkles are generated.

Polarized lenses from ZEISS.

Glare can have a negative impact on our vision, particularly while driving. Luckily we have an effective solution: ZEISS polarized filter sunglasses lenses reliably counteract this effect.

The benefits for the user

Color: brown 85%

Color: gray 85%

Color: greenish gray 85%

ZEISS PhotoFusion. The premium photochromic lenses.

Photochromic lenses that react quickly to changes in light. PhotoFusion was created by the experts at ZEISS to fulfill customers’ desire for photosensitive lenses that darken and brighten faster.

The benefits for the user​

Fast darkening. Quick rinse.

PhotoFusion lenses adapt quickly to changes in light. Medium and high index lenses clear up to two times faster and darken up to 20% faster than older ZEISS photochromic lenses.

Comfortable vision.

Indoors, PhotoFusion lenses are very light, while outdoors, they become very dark in sunlight.

Do you have any doubts or questions? Don’t worry, send us your query to [email protected] and we will inform you very quickly.

Enjoy all the filters and treatments also in our physical opticians.

What is the difference between optician optometrist and ophthalmologist?

On the one hand, the optometrist optician is a primary healthcare professional.

Among the main functions of the Optician we highlight:

The ophthalmologist, on the other hand, is a doctor whose job is to carry out the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of diseases and pathologies of the visual system and of the adjoining structures.

Although they are two different types of health professionals, their main function is the same, and is to ensure the visual health of people. This is why their teamwork is essential.



+34 691 59 84 13


+34 691 59 84 13

I begin to see badly up close… What now?

From 40-45 years of age, a process of natural degeneration of the eye commonly called presbyopia or tired eyes occurs.


Presbyopia is a visual problem that is due to the loss of elasticity of the lens (natural lens of the eye that allows images to be focused at close distances).


Although presbyopia cannot be “cured”, as we do with other visual problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, we can correct it.

The methods that exist for this are:

Close-up lenses: with them we can see clearly at distances between 33 and 45 cm. They are usually designed for specific tasks such as reading and sewing. They do not allow good vision at other distances.


Bifocal lenses: through this type of lens we can see well both from afar and up close, but not the intermediate distances (distance from the computer). It is an option that is already in disuse especially due to the fact that they are not very aesthetic.


Occupational lenses: these are lenses through which we can see perfectly clear intermediate distances and close distances. They are specially designed for people who work for long hours in front of the computer and with documents in near vision.


Progressive: it is the most versatile solution. They are lenses that have several focuses of vision (multi-focal) in the same lens, thus progressively passing from the distance to the intermediate distance, and from this to the near distance. This type of lens allows clear vision at all distances. There are also progressive contact lenses, with the same visual advantages.


Surgical correction: it is not a solution that is performed in optical centers. Corneal laser surgery and multifocal intraocular lens transplantation stand out.


Although the choice of the correction method will depend on different factors (graduation, work, expectations, aesthetics …) many times it is recommended to use several of them together. An example would be that of a person who uses a progressive to do his daily life and an occupational one to work in front of the computer.


For more information do not hesitate to contact our team:



+34 691 59 84 13


+34 691 59 84 13

Dita Eyewear SS20. New Collection Dita Eyewear.

Dita Eyewear, with its new collection of SS 2020 glasses, celebrates 25 years of excellence in the eyewear sector. Dita has always sought the best design and beauty in each of her glasses, adding craftsmanship and culture that transcends and highlights each of her models.

Dita Sunglasses 2020


Cut from one of the industry’s heaviest acetate and adorned with sophisticated finishes, it’s a future classic that’s built to last for generations.


A brooding acetate frame with an industrial physicality, Kader represents the dazzling future of bold eyewear in DITA’s stable of character frames.


A chunky acetate aviator crafted with a feminine sensuality, Terron’s dramatic weight and proportion propels a classic style into a sci-fi future.


Wasserman introduces Art Deco influences, adorning a classic, wearable shape with judiciously crafted titanium details.


Informed by the punk mentality and impervious to categorization, Telemaker joins the ranks of iconoclastic DITA character frames.

Dita Eyewear, with its new collection of SS 2020 glasses, celebrates 25 years of excellence in the eyewear sector. Dita has always sought the best design and beauty in each of her glasses, adding craftsmanship and culture that transcends and highlights each of her models.

Dita Glasses 2020


DITA’s most innovative sun clip concept to date, the Lineus’ sun clip seamlessly attaches to the frame’s exposed titanium core using just two side hooks.


Nemora imparts a modern spirit to the traditional cat-eye frame, elongating its proportions and incorporating a host of distinctive details.


Etched in the tradition of modernist sculpture, Ravitte celebrates the hand of the creator with elegant finishing details throughout.

Dior 2020 sunglasses. The best of the new collection.

Introducing the new Dior Eyewear sunglasses collection. A magnificent collection of Dior glasses, typical of a determined look that are distinguished by their great creativity.

Dior Sunglasses Parade Cruise 2020

Inspired by the Dior vintage glasses of the 1980s, the Dior Monsieur 1 sunglasses of the 2020 Cruise parade are characterized by their oversize aviator shape. The ultra-thin rose gold metal frame and Havana effect creates a beautiful contrast with the blue crystals. The refined details of the Godron motif on the front and the double openwork bridge bring a touch of sophistication to this model.

Dior CatStyleDior glasses, the star style.

CatStyle Dior sunglasses are the star item of the Fall-Winter 2019 parade, they present a completely new frame and in some cases covered by more than 1000 Swarovski® hematite colored crystals applied by hand.

The CatStyleDior reinterpret the butterfly form with a graphic and modern character. A subtle transparency effect reveals the metallic finish, thus creating a set of lights and contrasts for a decidedly Haute Couture character.

Dior Monsieur SS20 Sunglasses

The “Dior Monsieur” sunglasses are distinguished by their oversized vintage-inspired navigating shape. The ultra-thin rose gold metal frame and Havana effect creates a beautiful contrast with the colorful crystals. The refined details of the Godron motif on the front and the double openwork bridge bring a touch of sophistication to this model.

Dior Montaigne SS20 Sunglasses

The “Dior 30 Montaigne” sunglasses are the most current, presented in the Spring-Summer 2020 parade, the 30 Montaigne sunglasses reveal a bold style that is characterized by the oversized square shape. The black acetate frame is adorned with a functional gold metal logo. A mount that represents an entire Dior style statement.

TOM FORD 2020 Sunglasses: defined and oversize.

The new Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2020 eyewear collection features well-defined shapes and oversized silhouettes inspired by the 50s and 70s.

Tom Ford SS20 Sunglasses for Women

Tom Ford Sunglasses for Women has long been a style icon who continues to lead and mold the mood of the moment. A potent vision of modernity and glamorous allure can be seen in all his creations and products, which feature an innovative and provocative design, attention to detail and exclusive materials and workmanship.

Tom Ford SS20 Sunglasses for Men

Tom Ford sunglasses for men represents the brand’s core values are reflected in the eyewear collection: Made in Italy, with a painstaking attention to detail and high quality products. The sunglasses and glasses merge together both vintage and contemporary influences. All the styles are rendered instantly recognizable by the elegant metal “T” detail, the undisputed icon of the brand.


The Tom Ford models make a statement in combinations of a variety of precious materials, which create unique designs that immediately evoke the brand. Present among the styles are iconic details and concepts, such as the metal ‘T’ logo housed on frame fronts and the infinity shape.

New Illesteva Sunglasses, the best for this spring summer 2020.

We present the new collection of Illesteva Sunglasses, recently brought from downtown New York and insiprada worldwide, with direct and fascinating styles. This year Illesteva surprises us with an infinitely modern and exciting product. We anticipate the best illesteva sunglasses for this season.

Illesteva Sunglasses: fresh and relaxed New York spirit.

Illesteva presents new forms and reinvents others such as the Leonard icon with more complete colors. Have you checked all the colors? Find your favorite style and the different ways offered by one of the fashion brands in the sector.

New Illesteva colors, new shapes.

Illesteva sunglasses are emblematic and the new collection shows a similar style with a series of improvements: greater elegance and greater comfort thanks to its shorter temples and a better fit on the bridge.

Illesteva Sunglasses 2020

The Illesteva brand leaves us with more models for its new 2020 collection, search among all the sunglasses models through the following link.