Tom Ford Glasses. News 2020 Fall / Winter.

The Italian brand Tom Ford has presented its new collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses for the autumn – winter 2020 season. Its models stand out for metal inserts with the T-shaped logo and very long shapes as it is getting used to.


Tom Ford FT0800 Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses FT0 The Tom Ford FT800 model features a unique aviator shape with metal rods and T-shaped logo decoration.

Tom Ford FT0799 Sunglasses

The Tom Ford FT0799 has a geometric shape with a striking spoiler on the side and T-insert.

Tom Ford FT0797 Sunglasses

The model Tom Ford FT0797 has a futuristic shape in the form of a screen. It also has the decoration of the T-shaped logo.

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Tom Ford FT5630-B Eyeglasses

FT5630 glasses have great elegance and design. A comfortable butterfly-shaped style that captivates with the combination of its metals.

Tom Ford FT5629-B Eyeglasses

The style of the Tom Ford FT5629 glasses is classic and marked. A round shape with the logo marked in all its angles.

Tom Ford FT5478-B Eyeglasses

The Tom Ford FT5478 glasses have a discreet but elegant style. A perfect square shape to avoid attracting attention.

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Oficial Retailer Tom Ford

We are official retailer of Tom Ford glasses and all our models of Tom Ford glasses are 100% original.

There are many celebrities and successful references who have chosen the Tom Ford brand to take care of their spoiled style. The new collection of Tom Ford glasses will be a luxury accessory that we will see actors, bloggers, singers, athletes, etc.

The 6 Best Glasses for Cycling and Running

What is the importance of the glasses for running and cycling?

Comfort and flexibility in terms of movement are the most important factors when practicing sports such as running and cycling. These sports require customized adjustments, formulas to neutralize the sweat and at the same time to ensure the ventilation and the air flow.

Adidas and Oakley sports glasses provide a perfect coupling to optimize the practice of running and cycling and at the same time, they adapt to the particular needs of the users.

OAKLEY Sunglasses for Cycling

Oakley sunglasses for cycling are committed to the athletes, providing them the best protection, comfort and exceptional clarity due to the advanced technology of the lenses, applied in each of the models.


The Sutro glasses have a high screen that protects against inclement weather and improves vision due to the Oakley Prizm lens technology, offering the athletes safety and fluency when referring to the movement.


The Wind Jacket glasses improve the vision of cyclists in situations of sun and shadow. By means of the Oakley Prizm Road lens technology, colors and lines are enhanced on the road, increasing the contrast between the sky and the asphalt.


The Radar EV model has Path lenses that improve performance, enhancing maximized air flow in order to optimize the ventilation that keeps the user cool. The pads on the nose neutralize sweat and increase the grip, ensuring  the maximum comfort of the cyclists.

ADIDAS Sunglasses for Running

Adidas models for running are designed to ensure the comfort and the resistance at the same time. The vision, the protection, the flexibility and the durability of the sport frames are the main concepts that help users achieve their goals and enjoy the outdoor activities.

Adidas Zonyk Pro

The Zonyk Pro have an enveloping design that extends the field of vision. The custom fit option and the removable sweat protector ensure the maximum comfort of the users when running.

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim

The lightness and the dynamic surround design are incorporated in the Evil Eye Halfrim glasses to guarantee the user a great comfort throughout the day. Also,  they represent a resistance that optimizes the outdoor activities.

Adidas Tycane Pro

The Tycane Pro offer comfort and stability to users. By means of the elastic band and the float included in its design, the glasses provide a flexibility and at the same time a resistance when running.

Polaroid FLASH COLLECTION by Sara Carbonero

From 22nd of April, the first Polaroid capsule collection designed especially for Spain by Sara Carbonero will be on exclusive sale.

Flash Collection is created according to current trends in the market. The models are manufactured with light metals and their shapes are “easy to wear”. The colors of the glasses adapt to any taste and look.

The limited stock of the collection consists of 9 models in three different types of frame: round, aviator and the female cat-eye.

Barton Perreira Brand Book

What is the story behind Barton Perreira’s glasses?

The company founded by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira in 2007 managed to conquer the eyewear industry in much less than the 12 years that they have been in the sector. Since the beginning of their work, the brand’s glasses had reached Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and Mexico. The models are characterized by impeccable craftsmanship and a design without compromise.

What makes the Barton Perreira glasses unique?

The quality in terms of the manufacturing process of these glasses is the most important for the founders. Each of the frames is handmade in Japan. The frames follow an elegant and timeless line without forgetting the structure of a light and comfortable design for the users.

Each of the designs is inspired by both the past and the present.

Architecture, art, fashion and even motorcycles are part of this inspiration, reinterpreted and reimagined in their collections.

Barton Perreira sunglasses

Barton Perreira sunglasses have a unique silhouette, made from angular designs and a comfortable lightweight. The models are suitable both for the everyday activities, as for special occasions that demand an elegant look.


Barton Perreira eyeglasses

Barton Perreira eyewear models reflect the mixture between the present and the past. From a combination of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, they are the perfect complement to any look.



Soon you will have available the new collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses from Barton Perreira for this 2019.

GUMBALL 3000: new inspiration for Carrera glasses

The annual Gumball 3000 luxury car rally becomes the new inspiration for the Carrera brand. From 7th to 15th August, the participants of the luxury rally will pass through Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Porto Montenegro, Venice, Monaco, Barcelona and Ibiza.

The models of the exclusive collection related to the event will follow the same values of the Italian brand, focusing on the quality and distinction of each design. Combination of iconic and recognizable Carrera details with particular elements of the championship, such as the logo, will create a unique image.


The elastic band will be the new element that will give the different touch in the collection related to the project Gumball 3000.

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Balenciaga Eyewear: The new 2019 collection of Sunglasses and Prescription glasses

What is the Origin of Balenciaga Eyewear?


The new products of Balenciaga´s sunglasses and prescription glasses, designed, marketed and distributed by Kering Eyewear, come with thick lines and a wide variety of colors. Founded by the Spanish Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917 and established in Paris in 1937, the brand is characterized by its concept of modernity and elegance. Balenciaga is part of the Kering Group, along with Gucci, Cartier, Saint Laurent, etc., and offers its customers luxury products of various ranges: clothing, footwear and accessories, among which are the sunglasses and the prescription glasses.


With more than 100 years of history, the products of the brand are considered iconic. The models with dramatic and extravagant silhouettes are leaders in the sector. Under the influence of different designers, Balenciaga established itself as a benchmark in the fashion industry, not only adapting itself, but also creating new trends at all levels of the market.


The products of the brand Balenciaga are a sample of remodeling and reinterpretation of classic looks. In addition, they have both haute couture models and pret a porter models. Each of them stands out for its timelessness, precision, comfort and elegance.


New collection 2019

The new line of sunglasses and prescription glasses is made up of contemporary models, available in metal and acetate frames. The designs are inspired by the rave culture and the style of “butterfly” frame.



For the first time, for the new 2019 collectionBalenciaga introduces its first line of sunglasses manufactured exclusively by Kering Eyewear. The models of the new collection have several colors, thick and irregular lines and extended size of the lenses.



The new products for the 2019 collection of prescription glasses are the first of the brand which are manufactured by Kering Eyewear. The new models of the brand are inspired by authentic designs and at the same time, stand out for their innovative details.


Soon you will have available the new products of Balenciaga Eyewear´s sunglasses and prescription glasses for this 2019.


Moschino: The new 2019 collection of Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses

The history of the Moschino´s sunglasses and prescription glasses

The sunglasses and prescription glasses of the new 2019 collection by Moschino represent the rebelliousness and the extravagant and bold style of the brand.

Moschino was founded in 1983 in Italy with the intention of creating practical and economic models and is named after its founder, Franco Moschino.


The brand is known for its rebellious and surrealist style. Throughout the years, the collections included ironic and parodic articles such as a cashmere jacket with the letter “Rich Bitch”.

Moschino has products of various ranges and categories. Includes both clothing and lingerie products, as well as accessories such as glasses, bags, etc. Many of the collections are inspired by modern art, geometric and abstract forms. The brand is committed to the game with the electric colors and ornaments embedded, which contributes to the creation of unique and peculiar designs.


The return of the Moschino glasses

The euphoria for the accessories of the brand and more specifically, the sunglasses and the prescription glasses, was revived by Madonna in one of her concerts. Since then, Moschino once again has the splendor and fame of irreverent.



The sunglasses and the prescription glasses of the new collection of 2019 correspond to the bold and extravagant style of the brand. The designs of the models are out of the ordinary. Not only stand out for their colors and irregular shapes, but also for their decoration. The glasses are decorated with a variety of ornaments, details, inlays and figures.

In addition, they have a touch of glamor and elegance that is totally new and unknown to the followers of the brand. Another essential and distinctive element are the colors inspired by the pop art style. The Moschino glasses are in combination with the dress models with the aim of complementing the looks.

Soon you will have available the new collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses from Moschino for this 2019.

We incorporate Max Mara: Discover the new 2019 collection of Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses

What is the history of Max Mara sunglasses and prescription glasses?

The new 2019 collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses by Max Mara represent the contrast between youth and experience and between the masculine side of femininity and the feminine side of masculinity. Founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti Max Mara is the largest fashion house in Italy. Over the years it became a synonym of luxury, style and quality.

The success of the company is based on the variety of cuts and colors, which allowed the company to reach a much wider audience.


Today the brand produces clothing and accessories in almost all categories, opting for both classic models and extravagant and experimental models. The company represents elegance and modernity. The designs are characterized by high quality materials and a custom style. Each of them is synonymous with a classic discretion, confidence, style and grace.


New glasses collection 2019

Part of Max Mara‘s accessories are the sunglasses and the prescription glasses. Always true to its formal style, the brand offers the last touch of each woman’s elegant look. In addition, the collection stands out for its sensitivity represented in rounded shapes and warm colors, applied with perfect balance.



The new collection of sunglasses by Max Mara reflects the mix between modernity and tradition. The models are inspired by fine, discreet and classic details, transmitting and emphasizing the elegance and sophistication of women.



The new 2019 collection of Max Mara´s prescription glasses is represented by a fantastic line of impressive models with a variety of styles and predominance of neutral colors.


Soon you will have available the new collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses of Max Mara for this 2019.


Top 10 selection of perfect glasses for this Christmas 2018.

If you still can not decide and you still think about the perfect glasses to give this Christmas, we make it very easy with a selection dedicated to the 10 perfect glasses for this 2018 Christmas.

We offer you a wide variety of sun frames and view where you can choose the perfect style within the main trends and brands present in fashion.
Buying the perfect glasses for this Christmas is not easy and having a few visual tips of the most current models will allow you to relax and take the best decision to make an unforgettable gift or experience.

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We promote you the selection of 10 perfect glasses that can be the best purchase or the best gift for this Christmas.


1. Perfect glasses for daily use, in the office, at home:


2. Perfect glasses for changes of look, style or trend:


3. Perfect glasses of quality / perfect price:


4. Perfect quality premium price glasses:

5. Perfect glasses of current fashion:

6. Perfect small or minimalist glasses:


7. Perfect oversize, large and stylish glasses:

8. Perfect glasses made of acetate:

9. Perfect glasses made of metal:

10. Perfect titanium glasses:


In short, finding the perfect glasses should be based on the utility and the values that you think they should meet, taking into account the person who will wear them.
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