Balenciaga Eyewear: The new 2019 collection of Sunglasses and Prescription glasses

What is the Origin of Balenciaga Eyewear?


The new products of Balenciaga´s sunglasses and prescription glasses, designed, marketed and distributed by Kering Eyewear, come with thick lines and a wide variety of colors. Founded by the Spanish Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917 and established in Paris in 1937, the brand is characterized by its concept of modernity and elegance. Balenciaga is part of the Kering Group, along with Gucci, Cartier, Saint Laurent, etc., and offers its customers luxury products of various ranges: clothing, footwear and accessories, among which are the sunglasses and the prescription glasses.


With more than 100 years of history, the products of the brand are considered iconic. The models with dramatic and extravagant silhouettes are leaders in the sector. Under the influence of different designers, Balenciaga established itself as a benchmark in the fashion industry, not only adapting itself, but also creating new trends at all levels of the market.


The products of the brand Balenciaga are a sample of remodeling and reinterpretation of classic looks. In addition, they have both haute couture models and pret a porter models. Each of them stands out for its timelessness, precision, comfort and elegance.


New collection 2019

The new line of sunglasses and prescription glasses is made up of contemporary models, available in metal and acetate frames. The designs are inspired by the rave culture and the style of “butterfly” frame.



For the first time, for the new 2019 collectionBalenciaga introduces its first line of sunglasses manufactured exclusively by Kering Eyewear. The models of the new collection have several colors, thick and irregular lines and extended size of the lenses.



The new products for the 2019 collection of prescription glasses are the first of the brand which are manufactured by Kering Eyewear. The new models of the brand are inspired by authentic designs and at the same time, stand out for their innovative details.


Soon you will have available the new products of Balenciaga Eyewear´s sunglasses and prescription glasses for this 2019.


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