What is the difference between optician optometrist and ophthalmologist?

On the one hand, the optometrist optician is a primary healthcare professional.

Among the main functions of the Optician we highlight:

  • Detection, prognosis and treatment of refractive defects such as: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.
  • Binocularity and accommodation abnormalities.
  • Visual therapy.
  • Low vision.
  • Contact lenses adaptation.
  • Control of myopia.

The ophthalmologist, on the other hand, is a doctor whose job is to carry out the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of diseases and pathologies of the visual system and of the adjoining structures.

Although they are two different types of health professionals, their main function is the same, and is to ensure the visual health of people. This is why their teamwork is essential.



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+34 691 59 84 13

I begin to see badly up close… What now?

From 40-45 years of age, a process of natural degeneration of the eye commonly called presbyopia or tired eyes occurs.


Presbyopia is a visual problem that is due to the loss of elasticity of the lens (natural lens of the eye that allows images to be focused at close distances).


Although presbyopia cannot be “cured”, as we do with other visual problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, we can correct it.

The methods that exist for this are:

Close-up lenses: with them we can see clearly at distances between 33 and 45 cm. They are usually designed for specific tasks such as reading and sewing. They do not allow good vision at other distances.


Bifocal lenses: through this type of lens we can see well both from afar and up close, but not the intermediate distances (distance from the computer). It is an option that is already in disuse especially due to the fact that they are not very aesthetic.


Occupational lenses: these are lenses through which we can see perfectly clear intermediate distances and close distances. They are specially designed for people who work for long hours in front of the computer and with documents in near vision.


Progressive: it is the most versatile solution. They are lenses that have several focuses of vision (multi-focal) in the same lens, thus progressively passing from the distance to the intermediate distance, and from this to the near distance. This type of lens allows clear vision at all distances. There are also progressive contact lenses, with the same visual advantages.


Surgical correction: it is not a solution that is performed in optical centers. Corneal laser surgery and multifocal intraocular lens transplantation stand out.


Although the choice of the correction method will depend on different factors (graduation, work, expectations, aesthetics …) many times it is recommended to use several of them together. An example would be that of a person who uses a progressive to do his daily life and an occupational one to work in front of the computer.


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+34 691 59 84 13


+34 691 59 84 13

Dita Eyewear SS20. New Collection Dita Eyewear.

Dita Eyewear, with its new collection of SS 2020 glasses, celebrates 25 years of excellence in the eyewear sector. Dita has always sought the best design and beauty in each of her glasses, adding craftsmanship and culture that transcends and highlights each of her models.

Dita Sunglasses 2020


Cut from one of the industry’s heaviest acetate and adorned with sophisticated finishes, it’s a future classic that’s built to last for generations.


A brooding acetate frame with an industrial physicality, Kader represents the dazzling future of bold eyewear in DITA’s stable of character frames.


A chunky acetate aviator crafted with a feminine sensuality, Terron’s dramatic weight and proportion propels a classic style into a sci-fi future.


Wasserman introduces Art Deco influences, adorning a classic, wearable shape with judiciously crafted titanium details.


Informed by the punk mentality and impervious to categorization, Telemaker joins the ranks of iconoclastic DITA character frames.

Dita Eyewear, with its new collection of SS 2020 glasses, celebrates 25 years of excellence in the eyewear sector. Dita has always sought the best design and beauty in each of her glasses, adding craftsmanship and culture that transcends and highlights each of her models.

Dita Glasses 2020


DITA’s most innovative sun clip concept to date, the Lineus’ sun clip seamlessly attaches to the frame’s exposed titanium core using just two side hooks.


Nemora imparts a modern spirit to the traditional cat-eye frame, elongating its proportions and incorporating a host of distinctive details.


Etched in the tradition of modernist sculpture, Ravitte celebrates the hand of the creator with elegant finishing details throughout.

Dior 2020 sunglasses. The best of the new collection.

Introducing the new Dior Eyewear sunglasses collection. A magnificent collection of Dior glasses, typical of a determined look that are distinguished by their great creativity.

Dior Sunglasses Parade Cruise 2020

Inspired by the Dior vintage glasses of the 1980s, the Dior Monsieur 1 sunglasses of the 2020 Cruise parade are characterized by their oversize aviator shape. The ultra-thin rose gold metal frame and Havana effect creates a beautiful contrast with the blue crystals. The refined details of the Godron motif on the front and the double openwork bridge bring a touch of sophistication to this model.

Dior CatStyleDior glasses, the star style.

CatStyle Dior sunglasses are the star item of the Fall-Winter 2019 parade, they present a completely new frame and in some cases covered by more than 1000 Swarovski® hematite colored crystals applied by hand.

The CatStyleDior reinterpret the butterfly form with a graphic and modern character. A subtle transparency effect reveals the metallic finish, thus creating a set of lights and contrasts for a decidedly Haute Couture character.

Dior Monsieur SS20 Sunglasses

The “Dior Monsieur” sunglasses are distinguished by their oversized vintage-inspired navigating shape. The ultra-thin rose gold metal frame and Havana effect creates a beautiful contrast with the colorful crystals. The refined details of the Godron motif on the front and the double openwork bridge bring a touch of sophistication to this model.

Dior Montaigne SS20 Sunglasses

The “Dior 30 Montaigne” sunglasses are the most current, presented in the Spring-Summer 2020 parade, the 30 Montaigne sunglasses reveal a bold style that is characterized by the oversized square shape. The black acetate frame is adorned with a functional gold metal logo. A mount that represents an entire Dior style statement.

TOM FORD 2020 Sunglasses: defined and oversize.

The new Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2020 eyewear collection features well-defined shapes and oversized silhouettes inspired by the 50s and 70s.

Tom Ford SS20 Sunglasses for Women

Tom Ford Sunglasses for Women has long been a style icon who continues to lead and mold the mood of the moment. A potent vision of modernity and glamorous allure can be seen in all his creations and products, which feature an innovative and provocative design, attention to detail and exclusive materials and workmanship.

Tom Ford SS20 Sunglasses for Men

Tom Ford sunglasses for men represents the brand’s core values are reflected in the eyewear collection: Made in Italy, with a painstaking attention to detail and high quality products. The sunglasses and glasses merge together both vintage and contemporary influences. All the styles are rendered instantly recognizable by the elegant metal “T” detail, the undisputed icon of the brand.


The Tom Ford models make a statement in combinations of a variety of precious materials, which create unique designs that immediately evoke the brand. Present among the styles are iconic details and concepts, such as the metal ‘T’ logo housed on frame fronts and the infinity shape.

New Illesteva Sunglasses, the best for this spring summer 2020.

We present the new collection of Illesteva Sunglasses, recently brought from downtown New York and insiprada worldwide, with direct and fascinating styles. This year Illesteva surprises us with an infinitely modern and exciting product. We anticipate the best illesteva sunglasses for this season.

Illesteva Sunglasses: fresh and relaxed New York spirit.

Illesteva presents new forms and reinvents others such as the Leonard icon with more complete colors. Have you checked all the colors? Find your favorite style and the different ways offered by one of the fashion brands in the sector.

New Illesteva colors, new shapes.

Illesteva sunglasses are emblematic and the new collection shows a similar style with a series of improvements: greater elegance and greater comfort thanks to its shorter temples and a better fit on the bridge.

Illesteva Sunglasses 2020

The Illesteva brand leaves us with more models for its new 2020 collection, search among all the sunglasses models through the following link.

lool Eyewear Stereotomic, the best of the new 2020 collection.

lool Eyewear Stereotomic
Introducing the new collection of prescription glasses lool Eyewear. A magnificent creation called Stereotomic. With a bold and light appearance in black tones.

lool Stereotomic: Light And Bold

lool Eyewear Stereotomic

Lightness of 0.5mm metal sheet, and hard geometric shapes, this collection embodies avant-garde futurism.

lool Stereotomic, Contemporary luxury pieces.

Lool Eyeglasses are light and functional as shown by its patented hinge without screws.

Designed for fashion and high end optical boutiques with great appreciation of unique design and architectural personality within each piece.

lool Eyewear SS20 Sunglasses

The lool Eyewear brand also surprises us with its new collection of Sunglasses “Non Stop City”. An inspiration that comes from the culture of the club, the great contemporary cities and the world of shadows.

Oakley Sutro Eyeshade Sunglasses, love at first sight.

Inspired by Oakley’s 35 years of history with Eyeshade, the collection connects the colors of the past with the progressive styles of the present to open the way to the future.

We finally meet Oakley Sutro Eyeshade



Oakley ™ Sutro redefines the look of traditional sports performance glasses. Inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists, the high screen creates a striking and versatile appearance, protects from the weather and improves vision with Prizm ™ lens technology, while inspiring athletes to move safely and fluidity throughout the day.

Oakley Sutro Eyeshade, returns a love story of 84.

All the characteristics of the Sutro Eyeshade Origins Collection Sunglasses:

  • The lightweight O Matter ™ material of the frame provides durability and comfort throughout the day.
  • Unobtainium® nasal platelets increase grip with perspiration and help keep safety glasses in place.
  • Prizm ™ lenses are designed to enrich color, contrast and details.

Oakley Sutro, a love from which you will not escape.

Lenses with Prizm ™ technology are designed to improve colors and contrast so that you can see in more detail and detect all obstacles on the road. Together, we will have a bright future.


The 92nd edition of the Oscars has allowed us to see sunglasses and prescription glasses of design and current, worthy of any star of the seventh art, whether in the photocall, the red carpet, the gala, the films themselves or the winners have left what we consider the best glasses of this edition of the Oscars 2020. Discover the glasses as the best distribution accessory in each of the categories of the Oscars 2020 awards.

The Oscar glasses: Best Actor

JOAQUIN PHOENIX – Best Actor for “The Joker”.

The Original Wayfarer style occupy the Best Actor award, being the best selling sunglasses in history. They appear for the first time in 1952, Las Ray·Ban RB2140 Wayfarer by the hand of John Lennon, Bob Dylan, James Dean, John F. Kennedy, Roy Orbison and Andy Warhol.

The Oscar glasses: Best Actress

RENÉE ZELLWEGER – Best Actress for “Judy”.

The Cat Eye style occupy the Best Actress award, being the most elegant and sold sunglasses this season. The style used by Renée Zellweger is a trend this year and is perfect for informal looks with a sensual and glamorous touch.

The Oscar glasses: Best Director

BONG JOON HO – Best Director for “Parasites”.

The Rectangular style occupy the Best Director award, being a very elegant and sophisticated style. Cutler and Gross sunglasses stand out for their Italian craftsmanship with a fresh style. The creativity applied in the creation makes the models unique and with an extraordinary style.

The Oscar glasses: Best Supporting Actor

BRAD PITT – Best Supporting Actor for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

The Aviator style is present in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and occupy the award for Best Supporting Actor. The Aviator style goes back to a history of more than 50 years, being the most timeless style and linked to the origins of aviation pilots.

The Oscar glasses: Best Supporting Actress

LAURA DERN – Best Supporting Actress for “History of a Marriage”.

The Round style occupy the award for Best Supporting Actress, being the most classic sunglasses of the moment. Oliver Peoples sunglasses are both inspiring and sophisticated. With great attention to detail, the brand’s models allow you to express your individuality.

This has been the list of Winning Glasses of the 2020 Oscar Awards for Bassol Optic, with the representation of the most important films of the gala.

Discover which glasses will be the protagonists in your day to day and best accessory of your life.

Ralph Lauren Eyewear. New Collection 2020.

All the news in the fashion brand Ralph Lauren, both in sunglasses and eyeglasses. Visit the online store and discover all the news for men and women.

This Ralph Lauren 2020 collection shows iconic models and perfect proportions based on a contemporary style, blends past and present with the latest technology of the brand.

New in Ralph Lauren Prescription Glasses

The Ralph Lauren Prescription Glasses for the new 2020 season have a classic and elegant style for both men and women.

The selection of novelties in prescription glasses are a reflection of a commitment to fashion and the timeless style offered by the American brand.

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New in Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses for the new 2020 season are a statement of style and attitude.

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Ralph Lauren 2020 glasses

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