Dior Eyewear | New Winter 2018 collection

The French house Christian Dior commonly known as Dior, is synonymous with luxury in all its products, from footwear, jewelry, watches, to sunglasses and prescription glasses among many accessories.

Wearing Dior sunglasses or Dior prescription glasses is a sign of elegance, trend and luxury, as the Dior house maintains a long tradition and bets on this exclusive sector.



The new collection of Dior glasses of the Winter parade of this 2018 affirm a look and a committed attitude, which guarantee a contemporary and detailed style.



Dior Eyewear introduces new features with a lot of style and taste for screens and mirrors. With Dior Club 1, he has taken all the usual glamor of the brand to a hybrid of sun glasses and visor, always betting on the oversize goggle where the protagonist of the film is you.



Among the most striking changes that we can see in his new collection are the bright colors in his lenses where most include spectacular mirrors. In the rods we can see a monochrome of metallic golds present in all the frames.



Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow lenses fill a collection of spectacular saddles where choosing one is always difficult when you have so much variety.


Discover the entire DIOR collection in Bassol Optics:


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