Bassol Optic allows you to configure great prescription glasses that adapt perfectly to the user without need for any type of knowledge in Optics. Before you start, please, take a look at our catalog of Prescription Glasses to find the best design or the best frame that suits your face. If you need help choosing your prescription glasses, you can read 6 TIPS TO CHOOSE YOUR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES.


Remember that only an ophthalmologist or an optometrist can adjust your eyesight and determine the prescriptio you need. Don’t forget to do it every year. Our opticians are at your disposal in any of our establishments to prescription your sight and advise you on the type of correction you need, do not hesitate to consult them.

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1. How to prescription glasses and progressive glasses online?

On the product page of Prescription Glasses you will find the “BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION” button. Selecting this button we will enter to configure our Prescription Glasses.

* If you click on the Add to Cart button, you will not be able to choose your lenses and you will go directly to buy the product without prescription.

* If the option BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION does not appear in the product file, it is because the selected glasses does not allow it..


Choose the Glasses.
Prescription Process 20%

2. Choose the type of recipe for your prescription glasses.

If you have clicked on the “Buy with Prescription” button, you will have 2 options that will allow you to customize the type of focus of your Prescription Glasses. You can add an option, Monofocal or Progressive depending on the field of vision you need in your recipe.

2.1 Prescription Glasses with Monofocal Lenses

We will select Monofocal for a field of vision (near or far) or reading.

Option 1. Standard Monofocal INDO Lenses

The default system selects this lens range. Among its benefits, INDO organic lenses manufactured in Spain have superior quality anti-reflective and hardened. It offers greater visual comfort and transparency than the basic lens.

Option 2. ZEISS Monofocal Premium Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your monofocal lenses. A premium quality with DuraVision Platinum anti-glare, UV400nn protection of the eyes and surrounding skin, as well as more transparent, light and easy to clean lenses.

2.2 Prescription Glasses with Progressive Lenses

We will select Progressive to see well in all distances, far, intermediate and close.

With this type of lens you avoid having to change glasses in different fields of vision, whether for far, intermediate or near.

Option 1. Standard Progressive INDO Lenses

In the case of having selected the type of Progressive focus, we will have this option selected by default. The benefits of this Made in Spain Lens are comfortable vision at all distances and easy adaptation, as well as anti-reflective and hardened top quality.

Option 2. Premium Progressive ZEISS Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your progressive lenses. Premium quality with perfect vision at all distances, 100% guaranteed adaptation, UV400nn protection of the eyes and surrounding skin.

Choose the type of recipe and quality
Prescription Process 40%

3. Add the treatments to your prescription glasses.

Once the selection of the type of focus both Monofocal and Progressive has been made and the quality of our lens chosen, then we can add the different specific treatments that we recommend. The system allows combining them according to the manufacturer’s options:

Lenses with Blue light filter for Computer Use

Benefits for the user:

Protection for your eyes against the blue light emitted by Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.

It guarantees a relaxed view even in a high amount of blue light.

Reduces visual stress, eye fatigue, headache and sleep problems caused by blue light.

Photochromic Lenses for Outdoor Use

Benefits for the user:

The lenses are darkened outdoors and lightened indoors, so you will enjoy a prescription glasses and a sunglasses in a single frame.

They adapt quickly to light changes to offer more day-to-day functionality.

They offer 100% protection against harmful UV solar radiation.

Specific lenses for Driving Use

Benefits for the user:

Better vision in low light conditions.

Reduction of glare caused by cars and street lights.

Precise vision of the road, dashboard, rearview mirror and side view mirrors.

Add the treatments
Prescription Process 60%

4. Enter the prescription data for your glasses.

Once the lens process is advanced and having clicked on Place Order we can enter the data of our prescription. Remember that only an optician or optometrist can issue this information.

If you cannot enter this information, you can upload a file and we will review it personally.

*1. The field Addition is mandatory for Glasses with Progressive Lenses. In the case of Monofocal Lenses it will appear deactivated.

*2. The Pupillary Distance field is mandatory to prescription any lens, either Monofocal or Progressive. If you do not know, you can read How to measure your interpupillary distance?


Enter Prescription Data
Prescription Process 80%

5. Reduce the thickness of your prescription lenses

In relation to the data entered in the prescription data section, we will recommend a reduction index for your prescription lenses. In any case, you can always select a higher reduction rate than recommended, obtaining finer and lighter lenses.

We will continue with the process by clicking on the BUY button.

Reduce thickness and Name
Prescription Process 100%

As a final detail, the system allows you to save the data entered with the graduation profile, being able to use the same account to make several different recipes.

We will add the Profile Name and it will be available in our personal space to consult it.

With this point we would have our Prescription Glasses simply and quickly, we would only have to proceed to pay them.

This same process of setting up prescription glasses also allows you to do it for Prescription Sunglasses.