Moschino: The new 2019 collection of Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses

The history of the Moschino´s sunglasses and prescription glasses

The sunglasses and prescription glasses of the new 2019 collection by Moschino represent the rebelliousness and the extravagant and bold style of the brand.

Moschino was founded in 1983 in Italy with the intention of creating practical and economic models and is named after its founder, Franco Moschino.


The brand is known for its rebellious and surrealist style. Throughout the years, the collections included ironic and parodic articles such as a cashmere jacket with the letter “Rich Bitch”.

Moschino has products of various ranges and categories. Includes both clothing and lingerie products, as well as accessories such as glasses, bags, etc. Many of the collections are inspired by modern art, geometric and abstract forms. The brand is committed to the game with the electric colors and ornaments embedded, which contributes to the creation of unique and peculiar designs.


The return of the Moschino glasses

The euphoria for the accessories of the brand and more specifically, the sunglasses and the prescription glasses, was revived by Madonna in one of her concerts. Since then, Moschino once again has the splendor and fame of irreverent.



The sunglasses and the prescription glasses of the new collection of 2019 correspond to the bold and extravagant style of the brand. The designs of the models are out of the ordinary. Not only stand out for their colors and irregular shapes, but also for their decoration. The glasses are decorated with a variety of ornaments, details, inlays and figures.

In addition, they have a touch of glamor and elegance that is totally new and unknown to the followers of the brand. Another essential and distinctive element are the colors inspired by the pop art style. The Moschino glasses are in combination with the dress models with the aim of complementing the looks.

Soon you will have available the new collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses from Moschino for this 2019.

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