We are looking forward to serving you again. We have implemented all the health protocols so that your experience at Bassol Optic is totally safe. We carry out continuous sterilization of products, spaces and machinery.

Everything you want to know before coming to Bassol Optic.

Yes, we really want to see you again so you can come to Bassol optic now, but first check the available times in each center. Remember that you must request an appointment for your reviews and purchases.

Yes, we have implemented the entire prevention protocol to preserve everyone’s health. Our glasses and machinery are sterilized after each use using UVC ultraviolet light and specific disinfection products. Each center at the end of the day is sterilized using Ozonation systems that guarantee 100% environmental safety.

Currently we can only assist you if you have requested an Online Appointment, as we must disinfect all the material used after each visit for the cases indicated above. We try to avoid waiting outside the establishment since inside we will have a limited capacity until the end of the COVID-19 contagion episode. If your case does not meet one of the three assumptions to request an hour, contact us by WhatsApp or Phone at number 691 598 413 or email and we will find the best solution.

Yes, all our suppliers have adapted their factories to meet the required safety and hygiene standards and most are serving normally.

Yes. You can try on glasses without any problem, since our glasses will be disinfected after each use by a UVC cleaning system and our ozonated spaces twice a day. In this way, any suspended particles in the air, both viruses and bacteria, are totally eliminated.

Yes, you can carry out your contact lens review without any problem, remember that you must book your appointment online or by phone.

It is not necessary. If what you need is a replacement of the lenses you already use, contact us by email at or Whatsapp at 691 598 413 and we will send them home in 4-5 days. Or you can pick them up at your regular store without an appointment.

You can come without an appointment but due to the limited capacity inside our centers maybe you should wait your turn. Contact us and we will try to give you the best solution.

YOU CAN ALREADY COME WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT but due to the limited capacity inside our centers maybe you should wait your turn. If you want we can send it home.


If you need an article or more information about a product from our Online Store, you only have to send an email and we will answer your request.



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