The 6 Best Glasses for Cycling and Running

What is the importance of the glasses for running and cycling?

Comfort and flexibility in terms of movement are the most important factors when practicing sports such as running and cycling. These sports require customized adjustments, formulas to neutralize the sweat and at the same time to ensure the ventilation and the air flow.

Adidas and Oakley sports glasses provide a perfect coupling to optimize the practice of running and cycling and at the same time, they adapt to the particular needs of the users.

OAKLEY Sunglasses for Cycling

Oakley sunglasses for cycling are committed to the athletes, providing them the best protection, comfort and exceptional clarity due to the advanced technology of the lenses, applied in each of the models.


The Sutro glasses have a high screen that protects against inclement weather and improves vision due to the Oakley Prizm lens technology, offering the athletes safety and fluency when referring to the movement.


The Wind Jacket glasses improve the vision of cyclists in situations of sun and shadow. By means of the Oakley Prizm Road lens technology, colors and lines are enhanced on the road, increasing the contrast between the sky and the asphalt.


The Radar EV model has Path lenses that improve performance, enhancing maximized air flow in order to optimize the ventilation that keeps the user cool. The pads on the nose neutralize sweat and increase the grip, ensuring  the maximum comfort of the cyclists.

ADIDAS Sunglasses for Running

Adidas models for running are designed to ensure the comfort and the resistance at the same time. The vision, the protection, the flexibility and the durability of the sport frames are the main concepts that help users achieve their goals and enjoy the outdoor activities.

Adidas Zonyk Pro

The Zonyk Pro have an enveloping design that extends the field of vision. The custom fit option and the removable sweat protector ensure the maximum comfort of the users when running.

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim

The lightness and the dynamic surround design are incorporated in the Evil Eye Halfrim glasses to guarantee the user a great comfort throughout the day. Also,  they represent a resistance that optimizes the outdoor activities.

Adidas Tycane Pro

The Tycane Pro offer comfort and stability to users. By means of the elastic band and the float included in its design, the glasses provide a flexibility and at the same time a resistance when running.

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