The Digital Revolution in Optics

At Bassol Optic we have been offering a wide variety of optical solutions for more than 20 years both in Glasses and in Prescription Lenses or Contact Lenses. During this time that we have been providing our Optics services, we have lived a transformative process, today we want to explain the process of Digital Revolution that Optics has undergone and the changes that we have carried out.

What is the Digital Revolution?

The Digital Revolution consists of adding a new technology to the sector, although before we knew mechanics, analog and electronics, a new Digital technology is going to be adopted as indisputable on some occasions.

Digital Technology will begin at the end of the 70’s with the first digital computers and the first digital records that remain in force today. The Digital Revolution ushered in the Information Age.

How does the Digital Revolution affect us?

The Optics sector, like the Automobile sector, has suffered the Digital Revolution or for some experts also called the Third Industrial Revolution.

In the last two decades, the Digital Revolution has made us participate in a series of tools:

Mobile phones become as important as computers, even sound is prohibited in certain contexts such as exams, meetings or cinemas.

Text messages have become a cultural phenomenon and are established as a channel of communication.

With these first elements, we started the Digital Revolution and began to revolutionize the world and society until the last decade.

Today the widespread use of the Internet, Smarthpones, Tablets, Applications, Social Networks or SmartTV, have become the standard format for digital communication.

What are we doing at Bassol Optic?

The Digital Revolution has not caught us by surprise, for more than 10 years we have been offering a series of measures, all of them incorporate Digital Technology and guarantee full access to any of the Bassol Optic services.

Ecommerce: Internet - Smarthpones - Tablets

With a journey of more than 10 years on the Internet, our Ecommerce presents a mature state and is accessible by Computer, Smartphone or Tablets.

Through this channel we offer the same services as at the physical point of sale:

Prescription Glasses

Prescription your Glasses with the security of having an Online Optician at Bassol Optic.


You have a catalog of more than 15,000 Sunglasses available.

Contact Lenses

The same lenses as in the Optician with the advantages of Online.

Social Networks: Facebook - Instagram - WhatsApp

Social Networks allow us to have a positive impact on brand communication and customer service. Particularly while we are reviewing Social Networks or dealing with WhatsApp, we will reliably keep you informed.




How can I buy prescription glasses?

Our Online Optics allows you to configure great prescription glasses that adapt perfectly to the user without the need for any knowledge in Optics. Before starting, please take a look at our Prescription Glasses catalog to find the best design or the best frame that suits your face.


Remember that only an ophthalmologist or an optical optometrist can grade your vision and determine the prescription you need. Don’t forget to do it every year. Our opticians are at your disposal in any of our establishments to graduate your eyesight and advise you on the type of correction you need, do not hesitate to consult them.

1. How to buy prescription glasses online?

In the product file for Prescription Glasses you will find the button “BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION”. Selecting this button we will enter to configure our Prescription Glasses.

* If you click on the Add to Cart button, you will not be able to choose your lenses and you will go directly to buy the product without a prescription.

* If the option CHOOSE YOUR LENSES does not appear in the product sheet, it is because the selected glasses does not allow its graduation.

2. Choose the type of prescription for your prescription glasses.

If you have clicked on the “BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION” button, you will have 2 options that will allow you to customize the type of focus of your Prescription Glasses. You can add an option, Monofocal or Progressive depending on the field of vision you need in your prescription.

2.1 Prescription Glasses with Single Vision Lenses

We will select Monofocal for a field of vision (near or far) or reading.

Option 1. INDO Single Vision Standard Lenses

The default system selects this lens range. Among its benefits, INDO organic lenses manufactured in Spain have superior quality anti-reflective and hardened lenses. It offers greater visual comfort and transparency than the basic lens.

Option 2. ZEISS Single Vision Premium Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your single vision lenses. A premium quality with DuraVision Platinum anti-reflective, UV400nn protection of the eyes and the skin that surrounds them, as well as more transparent, lighter and easier to clean lenses.

2.2 Prescription Glasses with Progressive Lenses

We will select Progressive to see well at all distances, far, intermediate and near. With this type of lens you avoid having to change glasses in different fields of vision, whether for far, intermediate or near.

Option 1. INDO Progressive Standard Lenses

In the case of having selected the Progressive focus type, we will have this option selected by default. The benefits of this Made in Spain Lens are comfortable vision at all distances and easy adaptation, as well as superior quality anti-reflective and hardened.

Option 2. ZEISS Progressive Premium Lenses

This point allows you to add the highest quality to your progressive lenses. A premium quality with perfect vision at all distances, 100% guaranteed fit, UV400nn protection of the eyes and the skin around them.

3. Add the treatments to your prescription glasses.

Once the selection of the type of focus, both Monofocal and Progressive, has been made and the quality of our lens has been chosen, then we can add the different specific treatments that we recommend. The system allows combining them according to the manufacturer’s options:

Blue Light Filtering Lenses for Computer Use

Benefits for the user:

Protection for your eyes against blue light emitted by Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.

Ensures relaxed vision even in high amounts of blue light.

Reduces visual stress, eye strain, headache, and sleep problems caused by blue light.

Photochromic Lenses for Outdoor Use

Benefits for the user:

The lenses darken outdoors and clear indoors, so you will enjoy prescription glasses and sunglasses in one frame.

They adapt quickly to changes in light to offer more functionality on a day-to-day basis.

They offer 100% protection against harmful UV solar radiation.

Specific Lenses for Driving Use

Benefits for the user:

Better vision in low light conditions.

Decrease in glare from cars and street lights.

Accurate view of the road, dashboard, rear view mirror and side mirrors.

4. Enter the graduation data for your recipe.

Once the lens process has advanced and having clicked on Place Order, we can enter the data of our prescription. Remember that only an optician or optometrist can issue this information.

If you cannot enter this information, you can upload a file and we will review it personally.

*1. The Addition field is mandatory for Prescription Glasses with Progressive Lenses. In the case of graduating Monofocal Lenses, it will appear disabled.

*2. The Pupillary distance field is mandatory to graduate any lens, either Monofocal or Progressive. If you do not know it, you can read: How to measure your interpupillary distance?

5. Reduce the thickness of your prescription lenses

In relation to the data entered in the section on prescription data, we will recommend a reduction index for your prescription lenses. In any case, you can always select a higher reduction index than recommended, obtaining thinner and lighter lenses.

We will continue with the process by clicking on the BUY button.

As a last detail, the system allows you to save the graduation data with the graduation profile, being able to use the same account to make several different recipes.

We will add the Name of the profile and it will be available in our personal space to consult it.

With this point we would have our Prescription Glasses in a simple and fast way, we would only have to proceed to pay for them.

This same process of configuring prescription glasses also allows you to do it for Prescription Sunglasses.