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When is Black Friday?

The most awaited day of the year has arrived, And comes on November 23, 2018´s Black Friday,  This long-awaited shopping day starts the season of the most aggressive discounts and promotions of the year, where we will have a store full of sales and unique opportunities to get ahead of your Christmas shopping at an incredible price.

At Bassol Optic we are working to surprise you this BLACK FRIDAY 2018 where you will find the best discounts on sunglasses, prescription glasses,  and accessories. Enjoy this limited offer on all products and do not miss the best discounts of the year.

When does Black Friday end?

This year, Black Friday 2018, is on November 23, however, throughout the whole weekend you can enjoy our unrepeatable discounts. The Black Friday 2018 ends on November 26 followed by Cyber ​​Monday, the last day of promotions and unrepeatable offers.

Next Black Friday 2018: November 23

Next CyberMonday 2018: November 26


What offers will be incredible?

At Bassol Optic we take Black Friday very seriously, and it will be the moment of the year where we will make the best offers imaginable in all brands. The best discounts on all products can be found on our home page, except contact lenses.




What codes do I need to use on Black Friday 2018?

During Black Friday 2018 we are launching exclusive promotions from Friday, November 17, 2018 until Monday, November 26, 2018.


* Excluding products reduced to -60%.


This year enjoy an taster with BLACK WEEK, a week before Black Friday to anticipate the big discounts of what will be the best day of deals in online shopping.

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The perfect protection for the digital era

Glasses with lenses specially designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. It will provide you with better eye health and better performance in your work.


Computers, Tablets and Smartphones emit Blue Light

We spend more than 50 hours a week on average against smartphones, tablets, computer screens, televisions or playing video games.

All the latest-generation LED-backlit displays emit a "blue" light,

also known as HEV (high energy visible light).



The blue light is as dangerous as the ultraviolet

- In the short term: headaches and itchy eyes.

- Long-term: irreversible damage to the eyes such as cataracts or macular degeneration associated with age.



Use of Energy Blue Filter

Reduce the transmission in the harmful spectrum of the Blue Light.

It significantly reduces eye fatigue.

Special coating for constant exposure to computers, tablets, smartphones and LED TVs.




ROUND - 3 COLORS - 89 €



Remember that in addition to these styles, you can have any other computer glasses, you just have to select the blue light filter in the graduation process.

If you do not find the style you are looking for, you can send us your inquiry to info@opticabassol.com and we will help you personally.

The French house Christian Dior commonly known as Dior, is synonymous with luxury in all its products, from footwear, jewelry, watches, to sunglasses and prescription glasses among many accessories.

Wearing Dior sunglasses or Dior prescription glasses is a sign of elegance, trend and luxury, as the Dior house maintains a long tradition and bets on this exclusive sector.



The new collection of Dior glasses of the Winter parade of this 2018 affirm a look and a committed attitude, which guarantee a contemporary and detailed style.



Dior Eyewear introduces new features with a lot of style and taste for screens and mirrors. With Dior Club 1, he has taken all the usual glamor of the brand to a hybrid of sun glasses and visor, always betting on the oversize goggle where the protagonist of the film is you.



Among the most striking changes that we can see in his new collection are the bright colors in his lenses where most include spectacular mirrors. In the rods we can see a monochrome of metallic golds present in all the frames.



Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow lenses fill a collection of spectacular saddles where choosing one is always difficult when you have so much variety.


Discover the entire DIOR collection in Bassol Optics:


Zeiss occupational lenses designed especially for those who want to see more in the office and spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

The ZEISS office lens set with maximum intermediate distance (MID) technology is designed for designers and all people who spend a lot of time indoors, for example, when working in the office or at home. For those everyday situations that require close vision to the intermediate, not all lenses allow a relaxed and clear vision. Inadequate lenses can limit our vision and cause symptoms such as eye fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.


The benefits of occupational lenses for graphic designers.

The ZEISS occupational lenses are the tailor-made solution that provides graphic designers or computer users with a clear and clear vision in the three main working distances, in line with the needs of each individual user:

★ Clear and clear vision by reading
★ Clear and clear vision in the workplace
★ Clear and clear vision in the distance from the room

Effects on the posture of the Office Lens

★ Users adopt a natural head and neck posture
Full comfort throughout the day

Zeiss occupational lenses


Options in Occupational Lenses for the Office.

The Zeiss Office Lens lens range is the solution for relaxed and clear vision from near to intermediate distances. You have available a set of three levels both in price and design:

Zeiss Office Lens range for designers or prolonged work with a computer.

Plus Occupational Lenses ★★★ (€€€)

High visual performance, with advanced freeform technology.

Superb Occupational Lenses ★★★★ (€€€€)

Perfect fit in the chosen frame.

Individual Occupational Lenses ★★★★★ (€€€€€)

Optimal visual performance, integrates all the relevant data of the individual.


Currently there are many progressive lens options, if you want this range or another type of progressive lens, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.

Returning to school, work or college is not easy. In this article we show you everything you need to know before equipping you with everything you need to have a good view and good prescription glasses, so that your return to school is much more bearable.


Before buying prescription glasses for back to school, read all our tips on visual health:



We also know that it is not easy to choose the perfect prescription frame and many times we find ourselves with a limited budget. If it is your case we recommend you read our following articles so that the return to school is not a problem of money:


9 glasses for college students at the best price



Back to school in 10 RayBan Prescription Glasses

Back to school in prescription glasses for women.




Currently there are many options for prescription lenses, the most common are monofocal lenses and that is why they cause less doubt. Whether you need graduated or progressive glasses, we recommend that you, along with your lenses, include the blue-violet light blocking solution that the devices emit.

If on your return to work you need progressive lenses, we give you a brief introduction to them:

Progressive lenses for return to work, better options.



Occupational lenses, the progressive lenses for graphic designer.



If you want this range or another type of progressive lens, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.

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