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Sales in Sunglasses for this summer 2018

We present the current discounts for these 2018 Summer sales at Optica Bassol.

Find your sunglasses at the best price for this summer !.

You have a -25% Discount with the code "Summer25" in the following sunglasses:

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Oakley sunglasses on sale Ray Ban sunglasses on sale

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Persol sunglasses on sale

Discover your sunglasses ideal for this summer with the best discount. We have the best selection of the best brands in sunglasses 2018 fashion and trend.

Remember that you have an additional 5% available on your first purchase, only cumulative to direct discounts.

Enjoy this summer with your new latest sunglasses and, above all, protect your most important visual health.

We remind you that we ship to the whole world and that the shipment can come out for free, consult the shipping costs.

The Vogue sunglasses for this summer will undoubtedly become an accessory to wear with our best daily looks, either on the beach or in the pool, this complement is a statement of style. Vogue has presented its new collection of sunglasses designed by Gigi Hadid.

The new collection of Vogue sunglasses this summer are very bold and mark the contrast between texture and color, a Vogue essence inspired by the 90s of greater character and impact.

Find the design that best matches your style and the model that best suits you. These are the trends to be released in summer and be the envy of street-style:

The superfine gold sunglasses with flat lenses are trendy and stand out with a great cheerful appeal, a geometric style totally of metal and with great force.



The retro chic sunglasses made of thin metal and its small oval shape, becomes a cheerful everyday style in an avant-garde urban chic and adds to any look a guaranteed non-conformist twist.



Sunglasses with striking shapes of acetate and bright colors are made for provocative spirits who are not afraid to reveal themselves.



How is your style? Show it loud and clear with the cheerful shape of this Boho Glam model, and wear all the glam rock tones you can imagine.



Are you sweet and sensual, with sophistication? This acetate model with the shape of a cat's eyes once again devastates the market and among the influencers, its elegance inspired by the 50s creates a new look full of personality.



The new collection of vogue sunglasses is now available and you have all the models in different colors, from the most romantic ones like the pastel blue to the more daring ones like the red one.

Vogue sunglasses are very flattering models for those who love glasses. Within this collection you will find a space for your best style.



Reading glasses with colored lenses


Eyes-cream is the first project born from the minds and pencils of Eyepetizer Lab, a creative laboratory where unconventional ideas take shape, a place where limits are transformed into opportunities, as well as for Eyes-cream.


Reading is for many a pleasure, for many others a need, being able to do it in color can only add flavor. This is how Eyes-Cream was born, with the desire to change, innovate and finally make our reading different. Simply choose your favorite flavor, no doubt for the greedy, there will be more than one, among Milk, Anise, Lemon and Strawberry, in the three most common lens gradations (+1.5/+2.0/+2.5), combined with one of the two proposed frames, gold or silver



Manufactured in ultra-light harmonic steel, with a timeless design suitable for all occasions, it is a product that makes the color its stylistic signature, without forgetting the possibility of choosing it even in the version with transparent lens.

We remind you that you have available the entire collection of Eyepetizer reading glasses at Bassol Gallery, Barcelona.

CAZAL Vintage Sunglasses: elegance with character. Style Made in Germany: CAZAL one of the top German eyewear labels presents Transparent trend: sunglasses with transparent acetate.



The motto for May is "Let the Sunshine In" – no matter what the weather is like! We present the season's sunglasses and models with a transparent look. In addition to celeb news, we are also delighted that CAZAL features in the STYLEBOOK list of the coolest eyewear labels from Germany.t 

The 725, 734, 988 and 9073 embrace the 2018 trend: sunglasses with big lenses and slender, elegant frames. The design imbues every style with a special touch, combining precious gold with colour-tinted lenses.


Transparent trend: Cazal Vintage Sunglasses with transparent acetate.

Minimalistic, summery. In 2018, transparency defines sunglasses. CAZAL has four popular transparent-look models in its portfolio: the 663, 665, 668 and 745


Sport meets style: international  footballer Aubameyang with the 6013.


It is well known that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang loves extravagant looks.
The Gabonese striker – currently with FC Arsenal – turned out with the 6013 spectacles in black-silver and in a colour-matching outfit. A successful match!

We remind you that you have available 15% discount on all models of sunglasses CAZAL. If this is your first time, sign up for our Newsletter and we will give you an extra 5% discount.

Can not find the model you are looking for? Do not worry, send us your inquiry to info@opticabassol.com and we will apply the same conditions.

Also enjoy all CAZAL Vintage Sunglasses in BASSOL GALLERY.

If you want to know which are the most sold CHANEL Sunglasses in 2018, here we show you what are the top 10 sales in Chanel so far this season. Discover the best models, styles and designs to make a good purchase and not have to ask the fashion experts or consult magazines of any kind.

We help you with your choice of Chanel sunglasses so you can find the latest trend on the street for this year.

We remind you that you have a wide variety of chanel sunglasses online.

1. CHANEL CH4232 C1246G

2. CHANEL CH5278 C501S6

3. CHANEL CH5382 1613S6

4. CHANEL CH5382 C501S8

5. CHANEL CH5278 1295S5

6. CHANEL CH5383 C501S8

7. CHANEL CH5382 1612C1

8. CHANEL CH5386 C501S6

9. CHANEL CH4206 C1246G

10. CHANEL CH5386 1623K0


If you can not find your CHANEL sunglasses among the top sale, you can visit all the CHANEL sunglasses here.

We remind you that you have available a 30% discount on all CHANEL sunglasses models.

Do you have any doubts or questions? Do not worry, send us your inquiry to info@opticabassol.com and we'll answer you fast.

Enjoy all the sunglasses in our opticians with the same discounts as online.


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What have been the top 10 Ray·Ban sunglasses sold in 2018? The RayBan RB3447 001 are positioned as the most popular RayBan glasses. We have made a ranking with the 10 most sold sunglasses on the market taking the manufacturer's data in Italy throughout the period.

So far this year, the RB3447 001 is the brand's best-selling sunglasses. In the accumulated sales of Ray·Ban sunglasses, the classic and most iconic models of the brand predominate. However, there are surprises that are positioned within the top sale.

Ranking Ray·Ban Sunglasses Top Sale 2018

1. Ray Ban RB3447 001

2. Ray Ban RB3025 001/51

3. Ray Ban RB2140 901

4. Ray Ban RB3016 W0366

5. Ray Ban RB4171 865/13

6. Ray Ban RB4165 601 / 8G

7. Ray Ban RB2132 622

8. Ray Ban RB3548N 001

9. Ray Ban RB2180 710/73

10. Ray Ban RB4147 710/51

Find your favorite Ray·Ban sunglasses and make them top sale

We remind you that you have available a 35% discount on all RayBan sunglasses models

If this is your first time, sign up for our Newsletter and we will give you an extra 5% discount.

Can not find the model you are looking for? Do not worry, send us your inquiry to info@opticabassol.com and we will apply the same conditions.

Also enjoy all sunglasses in our opticians with the same discounts as online.


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