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If you are looking for ideal clubmaster eyeglasses, you will be amazed by so many models and possibilities that will fit your style. If you are looking for quality and price, you will be surprised at the discounts on some brands in Bassol Optic and you can get your clubmaster glasses at the best price.

Clubmaster Graduated Glasses

For this season, the clubmaster model presents a tough and emblematic design, inspired in the 50's are perfect for intellectuals of the world of culture

Originally, the Clubmaster are eyeglasses of the iconic Ray Ban brand of very marked retro appearance and whose main characteristic is its mount with the upper half of pasta and the inferior metallic.

The Clubmaster is an adaptation of the Browline that in the 1950s will use characters the likes of Malcom X.

Along with traditional Havana or black colors, the Clubmaster are renewed and add new finishes, this model of unisex glasses have a marked Personality, are the perfect complement for those who like to dress in the latest fashion and in a rather casual way.

The eyeglasses ray ban clubmaster are still the most sought after this season. If you want to get a clubmaster glasses, we have a selection of clubmaster style highlights.

Ray Ban RX5154 Clubmaster






             AM EYEWEAR VIVALDE                         ETNIA BARCELONA SHINJUKU 



             AM EYEWEAR KEPLER                             KALEOS EYEWEAR HOOVER 


Let yourself be seduced by the power of the Iconic Mark that has set the pace of fashion in eyeglasses and be surprised of the result in quality and price.



This season, women aviator sunglasses are still the most sought after. If you want to have a pair of sunglasses for women, we have the selection of international brands more prestigious. Be seduced by the futuristic look of polarized sunglasses, the mystery of a mirrored sunglasses or the retro charm of round sunglasses.

The sunglasses do not need a splendid day with rays of sun covering it, they just need to be a complement to the height of your style and your current clothes. The women's sunglasses have become a complement that captures all your aesthetic, thanks to the innovation of the materials and the quality of the designers.

It is the Premium accessory that defines your look and fill it with grace, so you have an immense catalog of possibilities that will adapt to what you are looking for.

This season, you can look through colored glasses with Aviator style sunglasses, cat eye or round. You can also look more serious with clear lens styles.

Play with all the possibilities that we offer you in women's sunglasses, they are one of the key accessories of any look both in summer and winter, as we need to protect our eyes throughout the year.

Each season the sunglasses reinvent themselves adopting new shapes and colors. This year the reign is of the round sunglasses and aviator with metallic mount tinted of colors pastel and multicolor.

Retro style sunglasses are always fashionable and feature a variety of square and round frame models that will provide you with freshness and the touch of sophistication that your informal looks require.

Mirror glasses have a lot of character and give you a very trendy look, frequently used by any influential fashion woman or celebrities. Bet on colored crystals and metal bridges and if you are bold you will feel like them.

For more outfits styles you can carry a discreet model in dark tones and regular size.

Choose your new women's sunglasses in all our collections:

Adidas | AM Eyewear | Bollé | Carrera | Cazal Vintage | CÉLINE | Chanel | Dior | Dolce Gabbana | Emporio Armani | Etnia Barcelona | FENDI | Giorgio Armani | Gucci |Illesteva | Jimmy Choo | Kaleos | K3 Sunglasses | lool Eyewear | Matsuda | Maui Jim | Michael Kors | Miu Miu | Monokol | OAKLEY | Oliver Goldsmith | Oliver Peoples | Persol | Pomellato| Prada| Ralph Lauren | Raval Eyewear | Ray Ban | Retrosuperfuture | Saint Laurent | Silhouette | Serengeti | Tag Heuer | Thom Browne | Tom Ford | VAVA Eyewear |

For this 2017 season, the iconic brand surprises us with a full selection of Oakley men's sunglasses. A wide repertoire of models of Oakley sunglasses where we find many mounts, lenses and colors for men and especially in the different styles from the most classic to the most innovative of last generation.
If you're looking for Oakley sunglasses ideal for men, you'll be amazed by so many models and possibilities that will fit your style. If you're looking for quality and price, you'll be surprised at the 40% discounts on Bassol Optic and you can get your Oakley sunglasses at the best price.


Top sellers | Oakley man

HOLBROOK                                       FROGSKINS

New in sunglasses | Oakley man

EVZERO                                       FLAK 2.0 XL


Polarized sunglasses | Oakley man

LATCH 02                                       SLIVER 07

Sunglasses for sport | Oakley man

RADAR EV PATH                                       JAWBREAKER 

Urban sunglasses | Oakley man

TWOFACE                                        TRILLBE X

Sunglasses Iconic | Oakley man

TAILPIN                                         TINFOIL 

Special Editions Sunglasses | Oakley man

FROGSKINS 24-325 VR 46                                         SLIVER 12 - FERRARI 


Sunglasses for young people | Oakley man

TURBINE                                              VALVE 


The Oakley frogskins men's sunglasses are still the most sought after in 2017. If you want to get yourself a pair of sunglasses for men, we have the most outstanding eyeglasses selection.
Be seduced by the power of Oakley technology that has set the pace in sunglasses and be surprised at the result in quality and price.



Frequent questions about orthokeratology?


Is orthokeratology permanent?

After treatment once maximum effect has been reached, the lenses should keep being used continuosly. There are patients that need to use the lenses every night, and others every second or third night. If the use id discontinued the cornea will revert back to its original form, and the original prescription before the treatment was started.


Should I still use glasses or contact lenses?

Once the ideal level of vision has been reached it is not neccesary to use ordinary contact lenses or glasses. It may be neccesary for patients who need reading glasses to use glasses for reading, or for other sporadic use, (such as night driving. During initial treatment, if the vision without correction doesn't last the whole day they will be provided with soft daily disposable contact lenses in order to maintain a correct vision.


Once treatment has been completed, what frequency should I use the lenses?

Most people should use the lenses every night in order to enjoy good vision without correction for the whole day. Patients with a low level of myopia may notice that they can achieve good results without using them every night, but this must be determined in each individual case.


What realistic level of reduction can be expected from using orthokeratology?

The ideal patient is one who has –4.00 diopters or less. Our optician will be in charge of adapting this type of contact lens, and analyse the viability of treatment in case of other prescriptions.


 And in cases of astigmatism?

The level of correction that can be achieved depends on the quantity and type. Our optician will be in charge of this type of contact lens and will analyse the viability of treatment in cases of other types of astigmatism.


How long does it take to see well without glasses?

Generally there is a noticable change in vision during the first few days of treatment, after which there is a period of stabilization in the following weeks. If the patient decides to return to using glasses, can the vision return back to its original state? The patients eyes will return to thier original state after a couple of days, in order to provide good vision during this transition, permeable or hydrofilic lenses will be adapted while the cornea returns to its original shape and prescription.


 If the myopia of the patient increases in the years that follow, what measures are taken?

Unlike laser surgery, that is irreversible, generally the corneas can be remodelled to adapt to the change in prescription by changing the design of the lenses


Can orthokeratology help children and adolescents?

Orthokeratology is used to control, or slow down the advancment of myopia. This means that this is a treatment highly recommendable in progressive low to mid myopias


What is included in the cost of the treatment orthokeratology?

In the treatment all of the necessary visits during the first year and the contact lenses for the treatment. During the first year, in case of loss or damage you can replace the lenses with a discount of 40%. After the first year, you only need to pay for the new lenses, the corresponding professional fees for the yearly check up, and the products for maintenance.


Keep reading > What is the orthokeratology and who can use it?

Advantages of the orthokeratology: vision, comfort and practicality.

 Orthokeratology allow you to have good vision without the need to undergo surgery, nor use glasses or contact lenses. Simply using contact lenses during the night, while you sleep.

Because you don't need correction during the day it is an ideal system for sportspeople, people who suffer from dry eyes when using contact lenses or for those people who wish to go without any correction during the day.

Orthokeratology is a treatment of special interest for young patients, because many different scientific studies have demonstrated the efficiency of this treatment in the control of the advancement of the myopia.


Advantages of the orthokeratology:


Without the need to wear contact lenses during the day.


They are used at night while you sleep and are comfortable right from the start


Ideal system for any type of sport


Ideal for people who don't wish to use contact lenses during the day.


Orthokeratology can be used to control, or slow down the advancement of myopia


reversible treatment, without the need to undergo surgery


Indicated for use in patients that suffer with ocular dryness with daily use contact lenses


This treatment is reversible, and without the need for surgery


Adverse effects:

With orthokeratology contact lenses it is very unusual to encounter problems with correct use, but as will all corrective treatments there exists the possibility that at some time some of the following symptoms may appear:

An increase in the sensation of a strange body 

Ocular irritation 

Unusual sensation from light

A pinching sensation, stinging or pain

Sudden worsening of vision 

Accumulation of ocular secretion 

Constant flow of tears

Blurred vision

Dry eyes


If any of the above symptoms are noticed, you should consult with our optician immediately to evaluate the continuation of treatment.

You should also avoid using orthokeratology contact lenses in case of:

inflammation, infection or ocular injuries, change in corneal sensitivity, pathological corneas, damage or illness in the cornea/eyelids.

Our optician will be in charge of adapting the treatment, and with this type of contact lenses there will be strict controls and maintenance in order to supervise and minimize risks of adverse effects.


Keep reading > FAQ about orthokeratology?

What is orthokeratology and who can use it?


the contact lenses orthokeratology, also called ORTOK, work at night so that you can see perfectly during the day.



Orthokeratology is a completely reversible, and safe treatment that enables you to have clear vision all day, without the need for glasses or contact lenses or corrective refractive surgery.

Orthokeratology basically consists in the treatment of myopic sight, although it can also be effective in hypermetropia and astigmatism.


How does orthokeratology work?

The contact lenses orthokeratology are used at night while you sleep. Over the night changes are produced in the cornea that allow the user to benefit from free vision during the day

The effects of the lenses are noticeable from day one, achieving maximum efficiency from a few days use.

As this is a completely reversible process, if you stop using the contact lenses, the cornea returns to its original position, for this reason it is important that to use this type of lenses in accordance with the following instructions:



Put in the contact lenses before you got to sleep
Rest all night
When you wake up you must remove them
Enjoy a full day without glasses or contact lenses


Who can use them?

Contact lenses for  orthokeratology are indicated for the temporary reduction of myopic vision, providing a greater visual capacity without any form of compensation optico.

The ideal paciente is one who has myopic vision of -4.00 diopters or less.  Our opticians will evaluate the viability of the treatment and the adaption for each patient, in case of different prescriptions or irregularities.


Keep reading> Advantages of the orthokeratology: vision, comfort and practicality?


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