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This season 2017, the brands return to take their collections of autumn and winter and return with all their splendor leaving to glimpse what will be the beginning of the installation of metals. Brands like Etnia Barcelona, ​​Lindberg, Andy Wolf or Cazal Vintage offer what we have been advising in previous entries, a wide range of forms using this material that is confirmed as the trend for the following seasons. And, is that, the metal glasses are light, full of color, style and inspiration.

The star models of the 2017 season will be of retro-vintage inspiration, remembrances to the seventies and eighties, with metallic pins and bridges in oversize, aviator and rounded shapes, where the saddle is the maximum expression of each person.

It does not matter if the mount is of sun or of sight, because the graduated spectacle admits all the connotations and has stopped being the discreet option finishing with the contact lenses.

This season the metal glasses will be in your favorite look whatever the brand you choose. As favorites for this season we recommend 4 models of these 4 major brands:


Etnia Barcelona, ​​introduces the metal with a wonderful collection of vintage sight.

Etnia Barcelona Le Marais Black

(Etnia Barcelona Le Marais Black)


Lindberg, hand-worked metals with excellent and innovative craftsmanship.

(Lindberg 6511 Transparent)


Andy Wolf, change the acetate by the metal round.




Cazal Vintage, combines metallic shapes with acetate, this is their result.




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Barcelona is a favorite city of sunglasses, has been and is considered a leader in the sector of design, fashion and trend in the national and international panorama. In the optical sector, the brands of sunglasses and sight that have been born in the city of Barcelona have been a reference in international fairs like Silmo and Mido where they have stood out for their uniqueness, elegance, creativity, and ultimately to show the keys of Success in designing your sunglasses and sight models.

Brands of trend glasses from Barcelona

Currently, the city of Barcelona brings together a great diversity of brands of fashion and trend glasses, but only a small number are able to lead the market by creating innovative and trend-setting concepts. Today we will focus on three very specific cases such as lool Eyewear, Raval Eyewear or Kaleos Eyehunters. These brands defend their market segments and are considered pioneers for their contribution to the sector, while generating style manuals for the rest of the brands of glasses that are in the sector.

Lool Eyewear

Brand committed to the city of Barcelona, ​​emerged in September 2016 after 3 years of research in a multidisciplinary creative studio, manufacture their models in 11R51 steel sheets always in barcelona and within a technical and precise process, combining man and machine With the influence of retrofuturismo and studies like Superestudio or Archizoom in its pieces. As I study their priority is to create everything that the brand needs, so they have even manufactured the machinery, matrices and the rest equipment to be able to manufacture all the production in our City. All a dream.

Raval Eyewear

Brand born in the district of Raval in 2015, it defines itself as a transgressive brand, independent, rebellious and with a lot of charisma. Created by an eye-catcher and expert in the field for 15 years, this young Londoner from Camden seeks to satisfy hand-made lovers. Each of its models is handmade with the best Mazzuchelli acetates from Italy, combining the best choice of Carl Zeiss lenses in its crystals.

Kaleos Eyehunters

Self-defined with only one word, suggestion. It is a brand that expresses the values ​​of attitude and temperament, with the intention of hunting exclusive and surprising looks. Your job is just one, to design glasses to capture unique looks

Brands of fashion glasses from Barcelona


Some of the most successful collections have managed to meet and meet all the needs of the end user and have been able to consolidate in the market as international fashion references. Names like Etnia Barcelona, ​​Woodys Barcelona, ​​Palens, Zen Barcelona, ​​Gigi or Xavier Garcia have common factors of reference, one is the provenance and it is Barcelona, ​​the second is the recognition and transmit it through their models in the streets.


Etnia Barcelona

If we talk about a colorful spectacle, full of light and whose compositions reflect the life and work of Barcelona, ​​we are talking about Etnia Barcelona. Etnia Barcelona is a great cultural movement that embraces values ​​and unique stories in each of its pieces.


Woodys Barcelona

The wooden glasses have a proper name and it is Woodys. From this project, which is born in the periphery of Barcelona, ​​an alternative to the acetate and metal glasses arises. Its maximum expression is the world of water sport and its designs are characterized by freshness and joviality.



In its beginnings the brand began selling handmade wooden sunglasses in its entirety in Barcelona. Now, after four years of research and development, Palens makes room for the Denim Eyewear with cotton designs.


Zen Barcelona

A brand whose mission reflects the attempt to achieve a perfect balance between three variables. How do I want to see myself in glasses? How am I going to feel with glasses? How am I wearing glasses? This exercise of reflection together with Barcelona inspire the shapes and colors of the brand of glasses Zen Barcelona.

Gigi Barcelona

Gigi is a vintage style of its own, Gigi is art, Gigi is cinema, Gigi is music, Gigi is a collection of design in Barcelona with a hallmark of timelessness, elegance and character.

Xavier Garcia

Industrial Designer from the renowned Elisava School of Barcelona. His contributions in the fashion sector began with the design of frames for major brands. At the moment it gives name to its own signature of glasses of fashion, whose mounts are guarantee of freedom, beauty and authenticity.

From Optica Bassol we are proud that our city is a benchmark in the eyewear panorama. During 2017 our commitment to the Barcelona brands will be very important so if you want to see their collections you can find them in our stores.



built in barcleona ingles



lool is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. They manufacture in series from sheets of steel. They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine. The design lines reflect a main influence, retrofuturism infusing in this way its own unique personality to each and every one of our pieces. Our commitment to the city leads us to design and build our glasses in Barcelona.




Tectonic Series is the collection of prescription glasses based upon tectonics architecture. The collection shares a design inspired by retrofuturism, with a strong double bridge. The frames of this collection have a very light appearance, thanks to the fine wires that are hidden in the profile of the lens. On the inside, the wires that maintain the tension can be observed, whilst the incisions increase the lightness of the frame.






Stereotomic Series is the main collection of sunglasses based on stereotomic architecture. They have a geometric and modern design, which can be reduced to a set of straight lines and perfect circles. The frames in this collection feature a toughlooking, very strong personality. As in Tectonic Series, on the inside you can observe the weave that maintains the tension and the recesses that increase the lightness of the frame.





The Grid Series is the collection of perforated glasses, inspired by the Super surface devised by the group Archizoom. This collection has a distinctly retro-futuristic design, it boils down to only the minimum wires strictly necessary to maintain proper tension. The rods are also fully perforated, making them lighter and highlighting its structure.


Discover this spectacular collection of glasses lool in our store Bassol Gallery.
Carrer Doctor Dou 19. Barcelona

If you've asked the question How often should I change my glasses? or How often have to renew my glasses?, is imperative that you read the 10 Recommendation Optica Bassol indicating when to change glasses.


1. If the frame is broken or damaged, it is time to change them because they directly affect the comfort of your day.

2. If your glasses or lenses are shredded, are no longer the solution to your visual problem.

3. If more than two years ago that no visits to your optician or ophthalmologist, your glasses have lost functionality due to changes in your graduation.

4. If while wearing glasses show your current headache, eyestrain, or blurred vision. It is time to request a review.

5. If you are more than 40 years old, the symptoms of presbyopia, refractive errors that need specific treatment begin to appear.

6. In the summer, overuse of contact lenses or sunlight can damage our eyes and the beginning of the school year is a good time to correct these problems and adapt your graduation.

7. Not all about health and maintain a new image in line with new trends is a sign of change of glasses for many people and celebrities. All seasons models, brands and new styles emerge, but our experience tells us that fashions settle for 2 years and the current trend revolves around metal designs.

8. If you have changed jobs and are constantly exposed to a computer screen, TV, or tablet. It is essential to adapt your mount with new technology lenses with blue light filtering ensures greater protection of your vision.

9. If you make gestures to rotate your mount and try to squint, is a symptom of look bad and only when you change your glasses will notice the change and you will notice.

10. If you have fond of a new sport must use a specific, robust and resistant mount to impacts, as your current frame can be irreparably damaged.


* The graduation rate changes varies depending on each person. An annual periodic review is fundamental to control the process and monitor your ranking increasing your diopters.



The second edition of the international fair of SILMO, is back with a lot of ambition by its 892 exhibitors. This year, more than 1350 brands have focused on providing a new user experience that becomes innovative solutions due to the wide range.

All ambition that has broken off this edition of SILMO Paris, place this fair as the first showcase of international development experience in the optical sector. And it is that nobody has left indifferent, much less than 80% of its visitors who will be responsible for making decisions about the models that will be present in the nearest future optical market.


Sunglasses Pride Eyewear Silmo D'OR

(Sunglasses Pride Eyewear Silmo D'OR)


SILMO 2016 has been an enabling environment for brands such as lool Eyewear, K3, VAVA, PRIDE or Kuboraum who have perpetrated the minimalist style as an audience looking design, innovation, fashion and exclusive atmosphere.


Sunglasses lool Eyewear collection

(Sunglasses lool Eyewear collection)


One of the revelation marks this year has been lool Eyewear, who presented designs halfway between a professional workshop and a futuristic art gallery. lool this year has opened a new way, in the space dedicated to optics, with a unique stand where the scurry of admirations and concerns were demanded by the quality and professionalism of its models. As the latest technology used in its hinges "The Hub" 11R51 steel, which will be taken into account for many of the restless when performing their comprehensive designs.

Moreover, the mix of techno music style, industrial designs and a stream of existentialism have run through the streets of SILMO 2016 with a wide selection of international artists, a selection of well cared glasses, exclusive models, an offer of limited pieces, handmade and special materials.

The experience of this year has helped us to learn a lot and especially to gather strength and know how to choose the models with an exquisite blend of fashion, innovation and health optical soon be in our online store.


Vava collaboration with Juan Atkins

Vava collaboration with Juan Atkins (Techno music pioneer)


Nominations Silm D'OR Kuboraum

Nominations Silm D'OR Kuboraum


Winners of the 2016 SILMO d'Or Awards

When buying prescription eyeglasses online view we can get more questions than when buying sunglasses. And it is normal, choose a prescription glasses without having them in the face is a task that many makes us uphill.


Whether you have not taken prescription glasses, as if you are tired of your current frame and you want to change your look, Optica Bassol puts you in writing 6 Useful tips for choosing your prescription glasses hand our optical for your final decision more easy.


Start your choice:


1. What I need glasses?

Especific glasses eyewear

This is the first question we need to do to us when we go to buy some prescription glasses. There are specific mounts for people who work all day with the computer, different specific glasses for working all day outdoors or engaging in sporting activities such as cycling, mountain climbing, tennis or driving, etc.


2. What type of frame?

Type of frames

You should know that not all prescription lenses are suitable for any type of frame is why we must first know the prescription of your lenses and corrections to your vision problem. Among the types of frames you can choose between full frames, half-frames or mounted air. Remember to choose the models that highlight your qualities, trying to camouflage the less visible defects.


3. What materials choose and why?


The base materials is crucial to establish the differences between a spectacle that generates comfort, safety, comfort and lightness. The base acetates provide adjustability, while raw metals lightness. Injected frames are the most resistant to shocks and its use is aimed at sports. Titanium at its best quality is extreme elegance and lightness.


You have to know how to prioritize for glasses that endure over time and are resistant or otherwise lighter and comfortable without much resistance to adversity. It is obvious that the weight of the glasses plays an important role in the decision. A new saddle should be comfortable from the first moment.

If you have any allergies to metals like nickel, it is important to ask about the composition of the frames. Knowing that titanium is hypoallergenic and valid for any face material.


4. What style saddle I do better?

Style saddle

The combination of your physiognomy and style of the frame must be completely in harmony. We can see eyeglass frames, round in shape shaped glasses Aviator, square eyeglasses, sunglasses Wayfarer style shaped glasses or Cat Eye glasses shaped screen or Sport.

For each face there is a style akin frame is why for people rounded face is advisable to opt for square or rectangular frames form. In exchange for people angular face them feel better rounded mount. For people with oval face have a great choice of ways because it is best suited to all forms. In last option we usually advise people triangular face or heart-shaped opting for a thin and oval frames.

    5. What Color?

A very important when buying new glasses criterion is the possibility of combining with the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, dress or lifestyle. Blond hair harmonize more with tones of brown glasses, pastel and pink instead of brown hair tones support higher color tones like red, green or blue.


6. Frame size:


All models of glasses as people have different sizes. In our website you can observe all measures of both rods, bridge and front. Choose your frame depending on the size of your face. You can always set the measure of your mount reviewing the numbers in your usual mount both sun and view. Not very large mounts very high rankings are recommended.


If you do not decide, come to any of our optical Bassol and let yourself be advised by our opticians. Nobody knows how he hit with the right kind of sunglasses for every face. In addition, not all graduations allowed all kinds of frames, and no better than your optician to advise you in this regard.


If you decide, BUY


We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.