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In Bassol Optics we take care of our Premium client and until 2/28/2018 you will have your progressive lenses with frame included for only € 275.

What includes our best offer in Progressive Lenses ?:

- High-end progressive lenses with anti-reflective treatment of 10 layers, hardened and waterproof and oleophobic for a better cleaning.

- German digital technology manufactured by Carl Zeiss.

- Choice between more than 40 models of high quality and latest fashion glasses.

- Guarantee 100% adaptation with our Opticians-Optometrists.

- Satisfaction Guarantee for 3 months.

- 2 years Quality Guarantee.


If I need something more?

Our offer for progressive lenses with frame included for only € 275 includes all the above details. If you wish you can add additional treatments to your progressive glasses:

- Add photochromic treatment: € 60

- Add Blue Protect treatment: € 30

- Add Tints to the lens: € 30


How to access the offer?

To access the promotion in progressive lenses you just have to come to any of our 4 physical optics in Barcelona and tell us you are interested in our offer.




If you want more information you can write to info@opticabassol.com or call 934 908 550 and our opticians will answer your questions.



If you've asked the question How often should I change my glasses? or How often have to renew my glasses?, is imperative that you read the 10 Recommendation Optica Bassol indicating when to change glasses.


1. If the frame is broken or damaged, it is time to change them because they directly affect the comfort of your day.

2. If your glasses or lenses are shredded, are no longer the solution to your visual problem.

3. If more than two years ago that no visits to your optician or ophthalmologist, your glasses have lost functionality due to changes in your graduation.

4. If while wearing glasses show your current headache, eyestrain, or blurred vision. It is time to request a review.

5. If you are more than 40 years old, the symptoms of presbyopia, refractive errors that need specific treatment begin to appear.

6. In the summer, overuse of contact lenses or sunlight can damage our eyes and the beginning of the school year is a good time to correct these problems and adapt your graduation.

7. Not all about health and maintain a new image in line with new trends is a sign of change of glasses for many people and celebrities. All seasons models, brands and new styles emerge, but our experience tells us that fashions settle for 2 years and the current trend revolves around metal designs.

8. If you have changed jobs and are constantly exposed to a computer screen, TV, or tablet. It is essential to adapt your mount with new technology lenses with blue light filtering ensures greater protection of your vision.

9. If you make gestures to rotate your mount and try to squint, is a symptom of look bad and only when you change your glasses will notice the change and you will notice.

10. If you have fond of a new sport must use a specific, robust and resistant mount to impacts, as your current frame can be irreparably damaged.


* The graduation rate changes varies depending on each person. An annual periodic review is fundamental to control the process and monitor your ranking increasing your diopters.



The sports glasses are developed for the new generation of runners, athletes and athletes who go beyond.

The importance of wearing glasses in sports activities is part of your safety with the environment. The combination of frame and lens is designed to give maximum potential, promote the performance and concentration of runners, athletes, cyclists, etc.

Greater field of vision is possible thanks to the new generation of sports glasses with graduated option. These sunglasses or eyeglasses are developed in a revolutionary way to protect your eyes from falling and impacts of objects you face on your way.

Sports sunglasses and prescription have an innovative and striking design, which in many cases will be the perfect complement to match the sneakers and the clothes.

At the beginning of the sport glasses, the production in this sector could not maintain the level of constant evolution of the needs of the athletes. To bring high levels of performance to the glasses, they changed the way the glasses are produced starting with the lenses.

This change of thinking meant starting again and forgetting what was known as a sporting glass both in the lens and in the manufacture. The first challenge to beat was the line of connection between frame and lenses, combining these as something unique.

Among the goals of this change is protection and performance, so it is important to be able to extend the lens as much as possible and provide maximum coverage, allowing athletes to concentrate 100% on their performance.

The innovation that is currently developed in sports glasses is possible thanks to the continuous research in needs studied in professional athletes.

Sports sunglasses are designed exclusively for athletes who require maximum coverage and protection. And, no doubt, anyone could wear them as normal sunglasses.

Now you can have an innovative design with an innovative lens, with a refined optics and clear and clear vision. The whole revolutionary process of production has never before been used in a complement of sport and fashion, but certainly will mark the standards of production of sports glasses from now on.

Our team of Opticians / Optometrists will look for the best solution to obtain the glasses you want and make sure that mistakes are avoided in achieving clear and wide vision.


Do you need progressive lenses that fit your lifestyle?

The individual progressive lenses take into account your habits and your own style.


Not all lifestyles are the same, as we all have habits, activities and, of course, different professions. The sum of the whole set of activities make each person individually different, that is why these progressive lenses incorporate all possible factors to spend the day doing what you like, always taking care of what matters most as the vision, either from far or near.


When defining what type of progressive lens you need, it is important to know the activities you do to choose between the variety of lenses and that constant changes of vision between near and far, affect you as little as possible.


All effects on vision changes will be reduced thanks to the design of the lenses and the position of the viewing areas. For the main daily activities we need to perfectly adapt the area of ​​vision with the latest technology in progressive lenses. This option presents the greatest combination of possibilities to offer an optimal, natural and comfortable vision taking into account devices, environments and daily activities.


Individual progressive lenses are suitable for users who require the highest visual quality in daily situations, whether they are practicing sports or precision tasks, so you will be totally confident in your daily requirements.


Its custom design guarantees a perfect fit to the face, excellent field of vision and full tolerance.

This type of progressive lenses make the most of your needs, so you should not worry if you have a high ranking, if you have vision problems, if you spend a lot of time on computers or if the frame you have chosen is worried that it may look bad.


Remember that the new range of progressive lenses allows you to choose between 4 types according to your needs and for a better choice we can advise you in any of our optics.

If your progressive lenses do not meet your needs, progressive lenses with natural vision are the best solution for the activities you perform.

This progressive lens option made with the highest precision to fit your face, ensures that it adapts to your eyes, nose, even the asymmetry of your face. If you do not take facial features into account when producing progressive lenses, you may not be able to take full advantage of the optical performance of the lens.

In any case, we must make sure that the new progressive lenses are made with the measurement of the facial parameters, both for high graduations from far and near.

This process allows the progressive lens to be adapted to the user's anatomy and customized to their needs, achieving a better three-dimensional vision and better performance at a distance.

For this, the way to take into account the anatomy of the user is accurate. It starts from the look through the saddle and takes into account how it rests on the nose and ears. After this observation, the necessary solution is proposed in the lenses.

Just as we do this process in progressive lenses, this advanced optical process is developed in telescopes to see the sharp objects in the distance.

These precision progressive lenses offer the same advantages as the previous ones in addition to having an excellent visual quality taking into account their facial anatomy.

If you are valuing these progressive lenses because you have had a bad experience, one of your top priorities should be to tolerate the lenses very well. For this, these types of progressive lenses offer comfortable and optimal vision.

Precision progressive lenses are indicated for high gradations and special vision problems. In addition, they bring together all technology for reading digital devices and fully adapted to any mount.

Remember that the new range of progressive lenses allows you to choose between 4 types according to your needs and for a better choice we can advise you in any of our optics.

If you want progressive lenses that fit your frame and your style, these lenses with high precision of adjustment will not worry about the mount. This type of progressives have an optimum precision that adapts to any type of shape or mount without affecting your field of vision.
You can enjoy the best moments without the saddle being an impediment. Fashion in mounts do not change as fast as we think, metal glasses and big mounts are now fashionable.
If you want to go to the last do not doubt that your progressive lenses can be a problem. Our optics have the ability to adapt the progressives to each mount and each face.

Users experienced in progressive lenses know that a few years ago, progressive lenses were not worth any mount and had to give up quality vision for this aspect.

It is not necessary to give up part of the quality of vision, since it is possible to cut areas to insert the mount. However, the process must be monitored and a good adaptation to avoid possible problems since you will have to learn to see by your new range of vision. The near vision zone will be located farther down the lens and your eyes should get used to it.

This problem really is not a problem with the help of the latest technology of precision and adaptation in progressive crystals. Our opticians will optimize lenses so that important areas are not trimmed, so you will not have to change your visual habits.

In addition, this type of progressive lens has been optimized with the latest technology in digital environments to acquire all the skills before screens and devices.

Undoubtedly, if you like to go trendy, you have thought of a frame of trend designs and do not want to give up the quality in your progressive lenses, this is the best option.

With precision progressive lenses you do not have to go through the irritating process of retrofit to the new mount, and of course use it with the full range of digital and electronic devices you want to read like a paper.

The new range of progressive lenses allows you to choose between 4 types according to your needs, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.


We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.