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In the new collection of the American fashion firm, the sophistication of designer Ralph Lauren is evident.

A style rooted in elegance, glamor and trend as we have become accustomed to all the complements of your brand.

The Ralph Lauren brand is an example of current fashion and its designer par excellence is a clear example of self-made man. His tradition in the textile sector has led him in some way to establish himself in the optical sector due to his good taste for colors, styles and conservative forms reflecting his personality.

In its new collection we can see how it combines the classic American style with the European elegance. A collection of glasses Ralph Lauren that has very present the style of the mark.

Within the new collection we can see round forms always timeless, for example the most classic model of the perfect collection for an intellectual look

For this season manifests the taste for mounts in the air with dark sideburns, so as not to out of tune in any moment.

If you like to wear Ralph Lauren glasses as a simple accessory, choose your glasses without values ​​for glasses and you will enjoy the exclusivity of Polo Ralph Lauren glasses without complications.

If you need more information about the new Ralph Lauren collection or want an additional model, contact us at info@opticabassol.com.

The American eyeglasses company Oliver Peoples is being current in the world of fashion in all aspects, celebrities, actors, singers, influencers and many more choose to wear glasses Oliver Peoples where his main virtue is to take care of detail each of his glasses Traditionally made by a family of opticians.

Having Oliver Peoples' prescription glasses is a privilege. Not only because they are not available to everyone, but also because you also have to have style to carry them.

The style of the new Oliver Peoples eyewear collection is purely American. Its designs are soft, round, with very tight measurements, and basic colors.

The commitment to quality is one of his best letters of presentation of the American brand.

The new collection of Oliver Peoples glasses incorporates novelties with style as bridges and double bridges in gold and silver colors. Oliver Peoples as always continues to bet on a very discreet, fresh and elegant style.

We leave a small sample of what Oliver Peoples has achieved for the new season, an exclusive offer of glasses that distinguishes all its audience.







Discover more OLIVER PEOPLES GLASSES in Bassol Optics:

The firm LINDBERG is a manifesto of aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

Bringing glasses LINDBERG shows that it has a different way of thinking and that it has the good taste of an expert for exceptional design and high quality materials.

In his new collection of glasses with air mount with three types of characteristic rods made of titanium wire, titanium sheet or acetate. Unique designs of glasses that enhance your aesthetic beauty with innovative craftsmanship.

Much of the secret of this brand lies in molding titanium creating incredibly lightweight mounts of attractive minimalist design without screws, rivets or welds.

In addition, LINDBERG's technical innovations and labor details have revolutionized the design of modern glasses. Its premise is to eliminate everything that is not essential.



Although the LINDBERG glasses are among the lightest and most comfortable in the world, they are incredibly tough and flexible.


Check out our exclusive offer of LINDBERG glasses that distinguishes the most elegant. If you can not find your model, let us know at info@opticabassol.com and we will get it.



Dailies Total 1 spherical lenses let you enjoy refreshing comfort during all hours of use. Thanks to a combination of hydration and oxygen that offers comfort at the time of insertion, all day and every day.


Why to choose the lenses Dailies Total 1?

- It is a disposable lens of daily use that guarantees a greater hygiene and comfort, thanks to its thin surface that also reduces the constant flicker.

- They have an aqueous gradient that gives more moisture to the eye.

- Longer use time, even up to 15 hours keep your eyes like the first hour.

Dailies Total 1 - 30 UNITS / 32€


Dailies Total 1 - 90 UNITS / 62€


More technical details about Dailies Total 1 contact lenses

Material: Delefilcon A - silicone hydrogel
Water content: 33%
Diameter: 14,10 mm
Base Curve (Radio): 8.50 mm
Power: from -10.00 d to +6.00 d


If you have any questions about contact lenses, our opticians are available to answer your questions at info@opticabassol.com or 0034 333 428 218.

If you are looking for a FACEAFACE prescription glasses, Optica Bassol shows you a selection of possibilities that will fit your style so defined.

FACE A FACE has a variety of alternative prescription glasses models, without comparisons with the dictates of fashion or trend, FACE A FACE interprets in each collection its artistic temperament and draws inspiration from modern art and contemporary architecture and design .

The prescription glasses FACE A FACE are designed and produced by Pascal Jaunt, who always tries to surprise us with the art in his frames. That's why each eyeglass resembles small subtle pieces of architecture, thanks to the play of volumes, shapes, materials and textures.

Face à Face has an impressive collection of designer sunglasses and sunglasses.












If you liked this face-to-face glasses article, you can consult more models of this great brand, which was founded in 1995 and is still designing perfect shapes to improve the faces.

Follow the spirit Face à Face to be at the forefront.

If you are looking for a Etnia Barcelona Eyeglasses, you will be surprised by so many models and possibilities that will fit your style. Etnia Barcelona has a wide variety of models and colors, but the most important of all is the relationship between quality and price of its models.
Currently you have available several collections of Etnia Barcelona Eyeglasses, ​​we present each one, from the Vintage to the Original.
You'll be amazed at the discounts at Etnia Barcelona by Bassol Optic and you can get your prescription glasses at the best price guaranteed.


Etnia Barcelona ORIGINALS
Discover the new Originals collection, this collection is the ultimate expression of brand values. Its range of colors is an attraction for all ages and its sole purpose is the expression of creativity and originality.




Etnia Barcelona VINTAGE

The Vintage collection focuses on lovers of the classic way. With mounts and materials from the 70's, the DNA of Etnia Barcelona is always apparent with touches of color on the tips of the rods.




Etnia Barcelona ADVANCED

The lightest and most advanced collection of the brand. For those who love design and comfort, use a unique frame with the most innovative materials like nano flex. With the colors selected to match the shapes and to give the glasses a definite look.




Etnia Barcelona graduated glasses will undoubtedly be a benchmark in the national scene due to the fruit of the job well done and the great commitment to a quality product at a reasonable price.

If you want to make yourself with glasses Etnia Barcelona, ​​we have the most outstanding selection.




We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.