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If you want these digital lenses, you will once again enjoy a good vision with your progressive lenses. Facing with an impeccable vision the moment in which your eyes enjoy the digital world and even during long hours of the day.
With digital lenses you will be aware of a good vision, being increasingly difficult with the digital age. Samartphones, tablets and computers make our visual demands change and the reading distance is different, this creates the need to redesign the lens transition zone.
This type of progressive lens focused on the devices incorporates the latest innovation in digital technology so you can always read the best.
If you have started in the progressive world, these are the lenses that you should use more precisely, in addition to its lightness and fineness.
Remember that your digital progressive lenses are made for all scenarios, books, newspapers, magazines and brochures will be readable as well as computer screens, mobile phones or Tablets.

The new range of progressive lenses allows you to choose between 4 types according to your needs, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.

If the time has come that you were waiting for and you are not prepared for the challenges of the world today, at Bassol Optic we offer a comparison with the best progressive lenses that we offer and that best suit you.

The new range of progressive lenses allows you to choose between 4 types according to your needs, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.

How can I find the right progressive lenses?

Very simple, the four types of progressive lenses allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs

- Progressive lenses for digital challenges:
It faces with an impeccable vision the moment in which your eyes enjoy the digital world and even during long hours of the day.
- Progressive lenses for any mount:
Do not worry about which mount to choose, this new range of progressives have optimum accuracy that fits any type of shape or mount without affecting your vision.
- Progressive lenses that fit your face:
Progressive lenses that offer excellent visual quality and take into account your facial anatomy.
- Progressive lenses with natural vision:
The best solution comes from the hand of this progressive lens tailor made to give you the most natural vision in any activity you plan.

The Progressive Lens is a masterpiece of optics that offers a perfect view from close up to far through what is known as a corridor or transition zone.

Not all progressive lenses are the same and must conform to personal, style, life and budget requirements.

Undoubtedly, progressive lenses should offer you a comfortable and natural vision.

The importance of an eye examination will allow us to effectively evaluate the cause of your discomfort. These discomforts or visual disturbances can have serious consequences on eye health if they are not shared with optical professionals.

If you have noticed your dry eyes, you have noticed that you are constantly disturbed by contact lenses, if you have noticed the presence of any disturbance, do not hesitate to contact our team.

In Bassol Óptic you will have an exhaustive specific optical examination that will allow us to know and resolve all your doubts, in order to take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

The sensation in the eye can be different in each person, that is why the general search for information will not solve your doubts or the problem.

Unlike sensations, the perception of the problem in general is quite similar in all patients. An eye allergy is not the same as a conjunctivitis or an obstruction of the tear duct.



Detecting symptoms and preventing the consequences of a syndrome or condition will be linked to predicting a serious injury to the cornea or conjunctiva of the eye.

- Apparent dryness of tear.

- Abundant lubrication

- Continuous itching in lacrimal areas

- Burning and/or redness of the eye

- Feeling of grit

- Blurry vision




Avoiding the problem and the consequences of eye syndromes is summarized by our age and habitual behavior in our daily life.

It is true that when we reach an age, we secrete less tear than our eye needs, so we will have to supplement it with an acquired product.

Hormonal changes, pregnancies or menopause contribute to changes in the eye, resulting in less tear, dry eye and eye risk diseases.

In face of the above changes, it is difficult to avoid the problem, but in concrete acts we can be aware that our way of life influences our eye health, and it is advisable to avoid:

- Read a lot of time without blinking.

- Wear contact lenses daily and with prolonged use.

- Being in contact with tobacco smoke.

- Prolonged use of digital devices and computers

- Stay in dry and closed places.

- Excessive use of dehumidifiers and air conditioning.



Depending on the person and grade of the syndrome, there are various types of treatment. The evaluation of an Optician-Optometrist specialist is always necessary.

Helping to reduce the syndrome is possible with the use of artificial tears, specific medications, even tear drainage, but as we said earlier, the solution comes determined from individual examination.

In Bassol Optic we are able to detect these syndromes and in any case to be able to derive a medical solution if it is needed, so if you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you need to go through our optics and get out of doubt quickly.




Begin with your single day lenses

Nowadays, everyone can wear contact lenses. If you start with your first contact lenses try using only a few days. In addition, daily lenses are perfect for sports lovers and to enjoy your vacations.



Age at which a child can use contact lenses

Did you know that your children can wear lenses from the age of 8? Many of our children perform sport and need a good vision to practice it, without losing comfort.
Daily lenses require very little care, both hygiene and maintenance.



Half hours of daily use of lentils

The average time of use of contact lenses is 10 hours per day. There are contact lenses that fit your pace of life, come and we will advise you what best suits your needs.



Hours of extended use is possible with current materials

The new generations of contact lenses allow you to take 24 hours and even sleep with them. Occasionally, our day begins at 6:00 a.m. and we return when it's almost dawning. The new contact lenses are prepared to withstand your pace of life



The key age for the appearance of presbyopia is 45 years

Do you notice that you get the lyrics together when you are reading or looking at your mobile phone? You may need progressive lenses.
Progressive lenses will allow you to see well from afar and close without having to wear glasses. You just have to choose between daily or monthly



Daily units as a measure of savings

If someone told you that the daily lenses are expensive, it is because they do not know the boxes of 90 units. Now, with the packs of 90 units, each pair of lenses will cost you less than € 1 a day.


If you need more information about a contact lenses treatment or you want additional information, contact us at info@opticabassol.com.

Remember that you have all our contact lenses available for purchase online, we will send them home.

We know that it is not easy to return to school, return to work or to university. Equip yourself with everything you need can cause us to spend large amounts of money, so we want you to pay less for your prescription glasses, so that your return to school is much more bearable.

To make the best decision about your visual health equipment, we recommend that you read the following items lenses for each moment of the day and a perfect vision and optical tips for the return to school 2017.

If you already know which is the best choice for your glasses, Optical Bassol makes it easier with exclusive offers in glasses for back to school during the month of September, higher than 30%.


Smart glasses for back to school.

Unisex glasses for back to school.

Iconic glasses for back to school.

Acetate glasses for back to school

Classic glasses for back to school.

Cool glasses for back to school

Best Seller glasses for the return to the cole

Discreet glasses for back to school

Junior glasses for back to school.

We all like to buy cheap and more in a fundamental part for the development of children and adults when it comes to assimilating contents and concepts.

In addition to choosing a good mount, remember to have a vision check with our Opticians before the beginning of the school year to avoid tripping for poor organization, especially between the ages of 5 and 7 years in the process of learning and growth.

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When choosing a prescription lens for your glasses you have to take into account several important factors: an optimal and relaxed vision, adapted to your needs.

Obviously prescription lenses should provide an optimal vision for all people, but our opticians can help you to choose the best for your needs.

Sometimes our ability to see is altered by the unstoppable rhythm of our lives and in certain situations we are not aware of the use of vision, which causes overexertion and as a result, loss or discomfort in vision.

However, we have a wide variety of options in prescription lenses that cover all situations of unstoppable rhythm adapted to each need.

At present, we can distinguish lenses according to:

Scope of use

A very important criterion when buying new prescription lenses is the possibility of using them in front of a multitude of scenarios, why do I need the lenses or what do I need them for?

The more information the optometrist has, the simpler the selection process will be.

Leading technology

Another maxim when buying a lens: the more individualized the lenses, the better results will be obtained in terms of quality of vision, comfort and tolerance, including in the case of progressive.

In short, the concept of prescription lenses is tailor made.


Types of Prescription Lenses


Monofocal lenses

For myopic and hyperopic, for all types of audiences, students, teachers, classics ...

 Progressive lenses

They provide a clear view at any distance with a perfect transition from the smallest to the general plane

Digital Lenses
To reduce digital visual stress. Fresh look, relaxed neck and clearer head ...

DriveSafe Lenses

Driving lenses with clear vision at the wheel, less glare and faster focus.


Enjoy the radiant colors, defined contrast and reliable UV protection in your prescription sunglasses.

Sports Lenses

Protect your eyesight while you play sports and enjoy clear vision even in peripheral areas

 For contact lens wearers

Optimized lenses to refresh the eyes after wearing contact lenses.

Occupational lenses

To enjoy a clear and comfortable vision at work.


Not all prescription lenses are suitable for all types of mounts, so it is advisable to choose the lenses first. If you want to relax and improve vision, it is obvious that prescription lenses represent the most important component of your new glasses.

Only a suitable prescription lens can guarantee the improvement of your vision.

Do not hesitate to visit our opticians-optometrists to study the best solution to the problem.


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We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.