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Do you know the new model Ray Ban 4256 Gatsby?


The new edition of this reconverted model is being a success among modern of the moment. Ray Ban sunglasses RB4256 honor the past of the brand. Today it is setting the pace retro fashion and from Rayban have considered that it was time to reinvent itself.

For many goggle with high metal bridge it is not something that in principle is very interesting, but when you wear a pair of these features opens up a world of new possibilities.

Inspired by the original Ray-Ban Gatsby, it is a new model that could change things forever. Prepare for Ray-Ban RB 4256 model.

This new unisex style offers a way round sunglasses Pantos style inspired by retro fashion and perfectly combine classic elegance with a contemporary twist.

And as a special touch, the model has the unmistakable RB 42565 mounts double bridge for high eyebrows style that is both edgy and modern.

With mounts top quality available in a range of combinations of classic and contemporary colors and a selection of lenses modern mirror, flash and a single color, model Ray Ban Gatsby RB 4256 gives you the opportunity to express their shape style you want.


Ray Ban Gatsby RB4256 Sunglasses| 90€

Newest super Retrosuperfuture is more than ever.


Everything that comes is to keep cool and add a futuristic appeal to your look this season. So Super team on the other hand is Super nice people, they have done the Super sunglasses.

To surprise has manufactured glasses made only by carl Zeiss optical lens. material, Nylon is extremely durable and lightweight. The designs are really superior and colors very house, super mirrored. From Super Tuttolente they have thought the collection for Special Projects.

Unique designs mark the first series of sunglasses completely frameless, and weigh less than you can imagine. The design comes in a variety of shapes and colors, use a single sheet of light Zeiss lenses, comprising both the front and arms. Finish hinged 3 lightweight barrel and minimum nose pads properly attached directly to the lenses.
Well, if what you wanted was that everyone look at you, you certainly will follow closely.


Retrosuperfuture Tuttolente Sunglasses  | 161€

Dior So Real Leather


Directly arrivals almost no time to realize, we find these great sunglasses Dior made to the international catwalks. Today they are worn by fashion models and singers like Rihanna.

The Dior So Real sunglasses are characterised by their deconstructed pantos shape that harmoniously blends architectural lines and couture spirit. The extremely lightweight frame consists of a navy blue acetate front and slender temples, together with details in pink gold-tone finished metal.

So the new Dior Real Leather are available in three colors on our website.

They are a very exclusive sun glasses that reflect a world of know-how and craftsmanship in addition to the beautiful Skyline of its structure. Muntura shape defined because of their unexpected linear mirrored lenses.

Modern elegance with style. This model combines the black color of its frame with metal accents on his mount and rods, but the real diferecia the rest is on its great leather inserts.
The skin has always been a difficult material to incorporate sunglasses but in this case has been done in majestic manner by artisans of the factory Dior.

You can choose to fulfill any of the three colors, you certainly will not go wrong.


DIOR SO REAL Sunglasses | 273€


Dior Split 1


Surely you know the sunglasses of the Dior brand, another thing is to know the new Dior split1 sunglasses. Now imagine the most sophisticated sun glasses and put a mirror lens, but in colors like pink, blue, gold or silver.
We could go on dreaming but we will never give elegance and sophistication that has the new Dior split1.

The Summer 2016 "DiorSplit" sunglasses reinterpret a classic shape in a graphic style. 
Gold-tone metal inserts create a captivating horizontal band, while silver mirrored lenses ensure 100% UV protection.

Surely when you the you try you will realize the real work being done to position brand as the undisputed leader in the luxury segment and we must recognize that he has succeeded.

Many famous wear their glasses, but now will cost more to find and Dior is reducing its outlets worldwide.

On our website you can find all news about Dior sunglasses.


A world champion and the fastest rider in the world, almost nothing. Mark Cavendish challenged Oakley engineers to overcome the limited field of view conventional glasses and increase protection and ventilation to a new level of extreme performance. The result is Oakley OO9270 Jawbreaker.

In this model Oakley Jawbreaker the most advanced version of the technology SWITCHLOCK Oakley, a system of interchangeable lenses used without problems. It allows you to adapt your vision to light changes to increase safety in any activity.


Equipped with a ventilation system specially designed to optimize airflow, it helps you to be comfortable and to prevent accumulation of fog that originates in the lens by thermal changes. The placement of the vents is kept away from your eyes to avoid distractions and optical distortions.

Choose the one you like and make your purchase now.  


Oakley OO9290 Jawbreaker sunglasses from 122 €



In optical spectacles and sunglasses there are many brands that can help define your style, however there is one that stands out if you want to be in the vanguard, and it is without doubt Illesteva.

Illesteva is a brand form New York, one of the few that has been able to take an out of fashion design, and re invent them.

A lot of the time we concentrate on more extreme, attention grabbing eyewear, but today we wanted to introduce you to this retro-modern style.

As you will see in our web, the possibilites are almost endless, a wide range of colours that will enable you to always match them to your outfit!


You can find this collection in our stores, or on our website to buy the ones you like the most!


Illesteva Sunglasses


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