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The sun's rays are becoming more dangerous to our vision day, can cause cataracts and photokeratitis, so it is always good to protect and even more when the rebound occurs on the surface of the water. In addition to sunscreen, sunglasses should protect against accidents hooks, rods or oversights with other fishing gear.

For sport fishing is so important fishing rod and gear such as sunglasses line you use. It is an important factor, not to see the fish from the surface, but to make the appropriate sets without disturbances of the bright sunlight that will give us a manipulation and handling when you pick up the line.

Serengeti sunglasses are specific to practice the sport of fishing, adapt to light conditions: under conditions of high brightness pigment molecules lenses dilate and cause the lens to absorb more light. When there is less light these molecules constrict and separated from each other, so that let in more light. This intelligent light control labor saving your eyes and allows you to see everything more clearly and effortlessly.

To make a good choice of sunglasses, features such as the lens color, shape and functionality in protection and polarization varies according to climatic conditions and the different types of sport.

In general terms we can decide to buy sunglasses for fishing on the type of lens or mount type:


Copper Color lenses or Rosa

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Rosa

They are the best choice for fish for all weather conditions. Polarized lenses absorb much better copper blue light, causing the reflection. These lenses have better contrast and give you a picture with more color and greater sense of depth in green and blue panoramas.


Lens Color Gray or Green

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Grey

Fishing on sunny days are the ideal choice. Significantly reduce light and not distort colors lenses much as they would with another shade of dyes.


Yellow lenses, Amber or Gold

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Brown

Good for cloudy or dark days, because its light is minimal reduction in these conditions improve depth perception.

In addition to the choice of lens mounts are a key deciding to comfort or protection option.


Metal frames

A very comfortable option for when used for long periods of time, more fragile to falls or blows.


Injected frames

They are built to withstand shocks and tend to be less comfortable with the passing of the hours for some fishermen.


One of the best sunglasses are the Serengeti Maestrale, with polarized lenses that reduce glare and reduce eyestrain. Among the main features of this model highlights its impact resistance, scratch and are ultralight. Their lenses add contrast to the colors without distorting the natural colors.

Do not forget to add a Strap so that you can hold in your neck in this case the fight with the fish put strong, so you avoid that you fall into the water.


Serengeti Eyewear: An unparalleled experience for the most demanding.

One of the latest Fashion trends for this year is without a doubt round sunglasses. A few months ago we told you about the strength of round sunglasses with a double bridge, but now in the height of summer you can see in all of the magazines you can see all of our favorite celebrities using some of the best round sunglasses available.

Here in Bassol Optic we have made a selection of the ones that we feel are going to be the best, now you can decide which one to buy!


Carrera Sunglasses: Round and double bridge

Carrera has left behind their most classic style and conventional materials to make a statement in steel for their new sunglasses collection. Strong tones and mirrored lenses that started to make their presence known last year have now been consolidated into everyday fashion. In addition, they have included colors more modern and minimalist that make your new Carrera super light and comfortable.


Rayban sunglasses: A round classic!

Rayban clubround

Even though it seems that the double bridge is a recent development, it has been used by Ray Ban in their charismatic Ray Ban Aviator 3025 for decades. This model was the pioneer in using two bridges in their frame to increase their resistance for the famous pilots of the American air force.

This spring Ray Ban has conquered us with its classic round sunglasses, but with a touch of retro-modernism that we love. The new round series by Ray Ban is made from thick acetates and a minimalist bridge that unites the two parts of the frame. The lenses are available in different colors that offer different contrasts and guarantee the health and comfort of your eyes in all light conditions.


With the Ray-Ban clubmaster squared in mind, we have found this round version which will be a best seller.

When speaking about luxury, “round” we have been pleasantly surprised by the new Fendi collection, especially the model Fendi Eyeshine FF0177s. The design is refined and sophisticatd, the round shape is hidden in a metallic line that simulates a cat eye shape. In this way, we find two shape completely different in the same pair of glasses.

For vintage lovers, LGR are some of the best sunglasses available. The new model LGR Transvaal emanates classic style because of its structure, from its elevated bridge, to the shape of the frame. These frames truly are a reinterpretation of the glasses that were used in the 18th century to ride in the city on sunny days.

One of our personal favorites is the Sputnink from Raval Eyewear. The shape is simple and bang on trend, and this model hides all of the technological evolution and the knowledge of the best artisans in order to create a frame made from the best acetate available. In four colors and with Carl Zeiss lenses, hard coated and with anti-reflective coatings on the inside face of the lenses, they will make you see the world perfectly!

Sputnink coca cola

This summer Dior surprises us with the design of sunglasses Rihanna definitely a very special model.


Over the last two years the eyewear world has been transforming in a vertigo inducing way the positioning of their products. Everybody recognizes the success of the Dior collection and their models for 2016.

This summer Dior has surprised us again with the design of Rihanna, without doubt a very special model.

Rihanna has nothing to prove to consolidate her status as an icon in the world of celebrity, and less still when she joins forces with the big fashion houses. A few days ago she was awarded the CFDA prize “fashion icon” from Anna, well deserved, irrespective of what ones personal opinion about the artist, as we can all appreciate that we are all different.

For one of the best artists of this decade it is a dream come true being able to create her designs.

She did the same with her collaborations with Puma, her high heel boots with Manolo Blahnik and now she has entered in the optical world with her luxury line that she has created for Dior.


Dior Sunglasses and Rihanna sunglasses


Last year Rihanna became the first black muse for for Diorv (when Raf Simmons was still creative director for the female line).


The model is called “Rihanna” and is composed of six colors with different combinations of frames and lenses. The advertising campaign was filmed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, one of Madonna’s favorites and the director of her music video “Justify my Love”.


This particular sunglasses range is exclusively available in Dior stores from the beginning of June. The silver, pink, blues, greens and reds will cost around 750€, while the 24 karat luxury edition gold plated which are the ones are worn by Rihanna in her Instagram, will cost 1950€.



Instagram is a social network of the moment, and users know sunglasses. Today it has become a reference among the bloggers of the moment and all are very attentive to the fashion world thanks to Instagram. It is an easy and simple way to share your life, your work, or things that you like through snapshots or short video clips.

The virtue of being able to reach many people you can follow or make them follow you easily and very quickly, has led to the appearance of celebrities Instagram. They and them since there are no differences were exposed to the world with the latest developments. Many of these people who mostly do not even have a blog or website, have reached their "fame" by Instagram.

Its success is shown as they are, as they generally are people who share their looks, their street style or just have a lifestyle very attractive.

We are followers of all these people and we want to someday visit us and use our sunglasses. Many manufacturers of sunglasses like Dior, Prada, Chanel, Oakley, Fendi, Illesteva and many more affinity elect their products. Lately we have seen many of them use emerging brands such as sunglasses Raval Eyewear. They are the boldest as known journalist Marta Torne, Vero Laguera, saithe Sara, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga or the same with Versace.
Returning to the real world, there are many people like you or as we follow our favorite, so gradually you will make known those who best carry sunglasses of the moment.

If you want to be a famous instagramer, you just have to get one of our glasses.


Instagram Bassol Optic

Oliver Peoples glasses also in Barcelona optics and optical online.

Sunglasses Oliver Peoples are becoming current among countless Celebrities. Oliver Peoples glasses is a trademark of American luxury, created in 1987 and is descended from the tradition of family opticians. The company exhibited its first store in the western world, precisely in Hollywood, California. Soon he was on the cover of Vogue and not in your country if not in Germany in 1987.

famous actor

One of its main virtues is taking care to detail all its products something that not all understand eyewear brands. It is an article that provides a first impression of the person who carries so much explains each of us. From Oliver Peoples they are very concerned about improving all aspects of its product to offer every day better one.

For several years now the best magazines like Elle, L'Uomo Vogue, Vanity Fair and Esquire are still very carca all those celebrities who wear their glasses.

 Each model is seen as a subtle detail that should be made with the retro aesthetic and high quality materials, each of your sunglasses or goggles graduate concentrate all the experience ofrcen them 30 years dedicated to the production of these glasses .

Many of the famous around the world as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise have opposed some.

Many independent brands such as eyewear Raval, Barcelona Ethnicity, Oliver Goldtmith have fully understood this message and are concerned about offering products that seek that level of detail.




Prada Spring 2016


In the collection of Prada model cat eyes or butterfly is certainly one of the most trendy for sunglasses Summer 2016 frames, and if you also add a double bridge and work the front just like you would a craftsman jeweler because it is the best. the PR14ss Prada is an extremely feminine form that has a strong retro point fully in line with current fashion trends in tode the world.

It is in this frame we find the most sophisticated proposals decorations or extravagant jewelry applications. In eyecat fashion sunglasses for summer 2016 include metal pins so minimalist and elegant are opposed to the sophistication of form. While it is true that in the collection can find other great ways that fit your style.




We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.