Bassol Optic was born at the end of the nineties aiming to innovate and change the traditional optical sector.

From this need for change comes our personal service proposal: defend our profession in a closer way, always looking for the individual satisfaction of each of our clients.

Following this premise, we decided to build different spaces that reflect our spirit, with an offer adapted to each location and carefully selecting all our products basing us on the environment.

From the beginning, we have always opted for products of excellent quality, paying special attention to those designs that make you different. Our interest is focused on offering you the best materials, quality and the most innovative designs, both in aesthetical and technical way.

During all this time, we have sought to be the pioneers of that change. Every day, new clients are surprised when they come and visit us in our stores, such as Bassol Gallery (Doctor Dou, 19 Barcelona), where they can get the most alternative and exclusive brands in the market. But you can also find our essence in the other three centers that we have in Barcelona, where we continuously incorporate new products and select collections based on the new trends that we discover in the world fairs that we visit.

For 20 years we have an objective: to continue betting on brands that revolutionize the sector every season.

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