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February de 2016

Res Rei brings us unique frames illustrated by Karin Kellner, an artist based in Milan. Latest releases highly influenced by cultural and artistic movements!

"Mythologies". Inspired by the artistic movement Memphis, is a collection full of colour, geometric shapes and designs made in a pure Sottsass style.

"Musicians". Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart and more. Each one a unique model.

"Flowers". Acetate frames that have their inspiration in flowers, Camelia, Iris, Mimosa etc.



L.G.R conquer Hollywood with his Tangeri and Comoros Sunglasses


L.G.R Tangeri i Comoros Hollywood


Tom Cruise, who reprises his role as Ethan Hurt, surprises us wearing th L.G.R in Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation. These glasses were especially designed to enable this secret agent to overcome the impossible challenges that are presented in the 5th movie of the saga. We see him with the Comoros sunglasses: unique, made of steel and thin/lightweight, during a high speed motorbike chase full of adrenaline and intensity. The design of this model fits perfectly with this film, comtemporary and sporty at the same time.


We also see the movies protagonist with one of the iconic models of the brand, with cklassic lines, the Tangeri.

This summer withou doubt, one of the most talked about brands is L.G.R. 


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