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April de 2016


When this name appears everyone to see what has done it again. It is no wonder that many of the most famous artists like Beyoncé, Jessica Hart, Jessica Stam, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Michelle Obama herself to be seduced by what this amazing designer is able to do.

Since a few months ago he is presenting a collection of sunglasses and goggles really spectacular graduate. Each of these glasses is designed as a jewel. Japanese manufactured in Titanium, acetates of the highest quality and ceramics, each of these sunglasses and view is waiting for you to fall in love with them.

The extreme lightness and beautiful shine will give that point of sophistication you need to surprise all who know you.






They have done it again. The guys Illesteva with Boca model have again surprised.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Kate Bosworth, Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Rihana, Kirsten Dunst, Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller, Caroline of Monaco, among others, are typical of this brand.

We have always thought that his glasses are a contribution to the world of sunglasses. Each model designed to finish being inspiration for leading manufacturers glasses.
Illesteva collection in 2016 discovered sardine colors, horn, bright acetates and as one of its signs, colored mirrors. The lenses are surely one of their main weapons to equip the collection of sunglasses all the strength that a young brand needs.

It is true that not everyone can wear glasses Illesteva, but we from our perspective in Barcelona believe that if there are many people who want something different.

Our specialty has always been the character select brands and providing a balance between quality and price. This is true in this brand.

Maintaining the same high quality materials and attention to detail that characterizes them, they have managed to leave us amazed with their new collections of eyewear.
Inspired by its renowned classic models are fresher than ever, providing an extra light and color with new acetates and lenses striking colors.

Check them out, will not leave you indifferent.




Sunglasses illesteva boca



K3 eyewear

They have only just started and already going strong!

Since 2015, their contemporary design reflects industrial aesthetic using different combinations of materials and textures.

Their geometric shapes and finishes inspired by natural elements give them a character only suitable for extroverts!


And you? Do you dare?...

Raval eyewear between LONDON and BARCELONA.

In the centre of Barcelona lots of things, but when you enter in Raval is when you truly start to walk in places you never thought existed. This is is where this brand originated in London (in Camden to be specific) was born.

All of their models have the essence of these two iconic areas of each city, but Nevermind is one of our favourites. The bright red and the pure pin up style makes them special whichever angle you look at them. Inspired by the bar in Barcelona and the colours that true londoners love, it truly is hard to beat!

Nevermind are sunglasses that are feminine with a retro air, with modern touches added to give you what is expected of a brand like this.



And we had almost forgotten how much we like the glasses that inspire future.

Here you have the new Super Sunglasses rather Retrosuperfuture. If you recently wanted to show the Tuttolente now Super strikes again with a round model mounted on various pieces of metal and nylon with a whole new look.
It certainly is not for everyone but that does not mean we should inform you that we do not travel this sunglass design created by Super.
You can enter our catalog to see all the news of the brand and you can also follow us to always be up to date with glasses refers.

Do you know the new model Ray Ban 4256 Gatsby?


The new edition of this reconverted model is being a success among modern of the moment. Ray Ban sunglasses RB4256 honor the past of the brand. Today it is setting the pace retro fashion and from Rayban have considered that it was time to reinvent itself.

For many goggle with high metal bridge it is not something that in principle is very interesting, but when you wear a pair of these features opens up a world of new possibilities.

Inspired by the original Ray-Ban Gatsby, it is a new model that could change things forever. Prepare for Ray-Ban RB 4256 model.

This new unisex style offers a way round sunglasses Pantos style inspired by retro fashion and perfectly combine classic elegance with a contemporary twist.

And as a special touch, the model has the unmistakable RB 42565 mounts double bridge for high eyebrows style that is both edgy and modern.

With mounts top quality available in a range of combinations of classic and contemporary colors and a selection of lenses modern mirror, flash and a single color, model Ray Ban Gatsby RB 4256 gives you the opportunity to express their shape style you want.


Ray Ban Gatsby RB4256 Sunglasses| 90€


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