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The American eyeglasses company Oliver Peoples is being current in the world of fashion in all aspects, celebrities, actors, singers, influencers and many more choose to wear Oliver Peoples sunglasses where its main virtue is to take care of the detail each one of His glasses traditionally made by a family of opticians.


The new Oliver Peoples 2017 eyewear collection incorporates all the luxury of accustomed details of the Oliver Peoples brand and introduces novelties with style and taste for metals and double bridges. Oliver Peoples as always continues betting on fresh, elegant and discreet glasses where the best of complements is the glasses.


Oliver Peoples glasses offer a perfect impression of us because the brand has been concerned with improving every aspect of their product to offer each day a better.

 Each model is seen as a subtle detail that must be manufactured with retro aesthetics and high quality materials, each of their glasses concentrate all the experience that they offer the 30 years dedicated to the production of these glasses.

In its new collection we can see incorporations of new colors where the majority include spectacular havanas shades and varieties of mirrors in their lenses.

Many of the celebrities around the world like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise have led this brand.

We leave a small sample of what Oliver Peoples has achieved for this season 2017, an exclusive offer of sunglasses and glasses that distinguishes the most elegant.




   OLIVER PEOPLES  OV1104S - 514552           OLIVER PEOPLES OV5363SU - 100587




   OLIVER PEOPLES  OV5350 - 1486                 OLIVER PEOPLES OV5184 - 1573



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The fashion eyewear firm Etnia Barcelona has managed to create a wide range of frames and colors for this spring summer season 2017. Etnia Barcelona is color in all aspects, mounts, details, acetates, metals and lenses give name to A brand that makes glasses for those who feel famous.

Wearing sunglasses Etnia Barcelona is to be fashionable and are increasingly betting and make this brand more widespread in all countries.

The new collection of glasses Etnia Barcelona 2017 incorporates all the luxury of accustomed Acetatos of the mark and introduce innovations with much style and taste by the double bridge and mirrors. Etnia Barcelona as always continues betting on the fashion glasses where they ensure that the protagonist goes to the last.

Among the most striking changes we can see in his new collection are the multicolored live in their acetates where most include double bridge. On the rods we can see the work on the acetates and on the metal frames some re-editions of eyeglasses incorporated into the collection of sun.

Very vivid colors along with metals fill a collection of spectacular mounts where choosing one is always difficult when you have so much variety.

We leave you a small sample of what has gotten Etnia Barcelona for this season 2017, an exclusive offer of sunglasses and glasses that distinguishes men and women more fashion.









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During the last two years, the advance in technology and development of its latest models has been exceptional. Increasingly, this legendary brand is placed as a leader in the design of this luxury accessories being indispensable sun glasses to show off your most spectacular and sophisticated look.


Sunglasses Chanel CH5349 offers a spacious and clean vision. Gradients and female lines in the design are present throughout the new collection.


RAY BAN 3025

Rayban sunglasses 3025 aviator back to a history of over 50 years. During this time these legendary sunglasses Rayban collection have been leading sales in all countries. The new colors Rayban Rb3025 sure will surprise you. Des mirror lenses in blue, green, orange, silver, etc., will give you a unique style and very fashionable, but that if, with 50 years of history.



The latest look in progressive design, Oakley Trillbe™ offers the full coverage of our newest Shield Lens, and the innovative silhouette features the styling of sculptured stems.


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The spirit of VAVA eyewear is derived from today’s post-industrial society and the growing belief of belonging to a post-human age.

VAVA eyewear are inspired and fascinated by the post-industrial world in which cities like Detroit, once a symbol of industrial prosperity, dramatically collapsed and was forced to re-invent itself to ensure its survival.

Also, there is a strong link with Berlin, another post-industrial city, that shares many similarities with Detroit – as well many differences, which is what makes both cities so interesting and unique.

VAVA’s mission is to represent the mankind being in control of the technological world and at the same time in control of himself, expressing the antithesis of acceleration and rest.

In an environment of high-speed culture, turbo capitalism, media overload, digital revolution, ecstasy of consumption, mega trends and accelerated culture, VAVA eyewear represents deceleration, purism and metaphysics. 

VAVA strive for a contemporary pared back look in conjunction with the futurism, conceptualism and purism that is associated with Techno. The spirit of VAVA is based on the same principle: VAVA is conceptual and visionary in its essence.

VAVA associates the highly conceptual language of machinery and the arts. Everybody at VAVA lives by this philosophy, providing great consistency to this vision.

All collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory and they pride ourselves on avoiding mass production. This gives the freedom of creation and ensures outstanding quality.




We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.