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Back to School in Prescription Glasses: news and offers.
September 03 | 2018
Visual Health

Back to School in Prescription Glasses: news and offers.

Returning to school, work or college is not easy. In this article we show you everything you need to know before equipping you with everything you need to have a good view and good prescription glasses, so that your return to school is much more bearable.


Before buying prescription glasses for back to school, read all our tips on visual health:



We also know that it is not easy to choose the perfect prescription frame and many times we find ourselves with a limited budget. If it is your case we recommend you read our following articles so that the return to school is not a problem of money:


9 glasses for college students at the best price



Back to school in 10 RayBan Prescription Glasses

Back to school in prescription glasses for women.




Currently there are many options for prescription lenses, the most common are monofocal lenses and that is why they cause less doubt. Whether you need graduated or progressive glasses, we recommend that you, along with your lenses, include the blue-violet light blocking solution that the devices emit.

If on your return to work you need progressive lenses, we give you a brief introduction to them:

Progressive lenses for return to work, better options.



Occupational lenses, the progressive lenses for graphic designer.



If you want this range or another type of progressive lens, remember that for a better choice we can advise you in any of our stores.

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