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Frequent questions about orthokeratology.
July 26 | 2017

Frequent questions about orthokeratology.

Frequent questions about orthokeratology?


Is orthokeratology permanent?

After treatment once maximum effect has been reached, the lenses should keep being used continuosly. There are patients that need to use the lenses every night, and others every second or third night. If the use id discontinued the cornea will revert back to its original form, and the original prescription before the treatment was started.


Should I still use glasses or contact lenses?

Once the ideal level of vision has been reached it is not neccesary to use ordinary contact lenses or glasses. It may be neccesary for patients who need reading glasses to use glasses for reading, or for other sporadic use, (such as night driving. During initial treatment, if the vision without correction doesn't last the whole day they will be provided with soft daily disposable contact lenses in order to maintain a correct vision.


Once treatment has been completed, what frequency should I use the lenses?

Most people should use the lenses every night in order to enjoy good vision without correction for the whole day. Patients with a low level of myopia may notice that they can achieve good results without using them every night, but this must be determined in each individual case.


What realistic level of reduction can be expected from using orthokeratology?

The ideal patient is one who has –4.00 diopters or less. Our optician will be in charge of adapting this type of contact lens, and analyse the viability of treatment in case of other prescriptions.


 And in cases of astigmatism?

The level of correction that can be achieved depends on the quantity and type. Our optician will be in charge of this type of contact lens and will analyse the viability of treatment in cases of other types of astigmatism.


How long does it take to see well without glasses?

Generally there is a noticable change in vision during the first few days of treatment, after which there is a period of stabilization in the following weeks. If the patient decides to return to using glasses, can the vision return back to its original state? The patients eyes will return to thier original state after a couple of days, in order to provide good vision during this transition, permeable or hydrofilic lenses will be adapted while the cornea returns to its original shape and prescription.


 If the myopia of the patient increases in the years that follow, what measures are taken?

Unlike laser surgery, that is irreversible, generally the corneas can be remodelled to adapt to the change in prescription by changing the design of the lenses


Can orthokeratology help children and adolescents?

Orthokeratology is used to control, or slow down the advancment of myopia. This means that this is a treatment highly recommendable in progressive low to mid myopias


What is included in the cost of the treatment orthokeratology?

In the treatment all of the necessary visits during the first year and the contact lenses for the treatment. During the first year, in case of loss or damage you can replace the lenses with a discount of 40%. After the first year, you only need to pay for the new lenses, the corresponding professional fees for the yearly check up, and the products for maintenance.


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