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lool is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. They manufacture in series from sheets of steel. They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine. The design lines reflect a main influence, retrofuturism infusing in this way its own unique personality to each and every one of our pieces. Our commitment to the city leads us to design and build our glasses in Barcelona.




Tectonic Series is the collection of prescription glasses based upon tectonics architecture. The collection shares a design inspired by retrofuturism, with a strong double bridge. The frames of this collection have a very light appearance, thanks to the fine wires that are hidden in the profile of the lens. On the inside, the wires that maintain the tension can be observed, whilst the incisions increase the lightness of the frame.






Stereotomic Series is the main collection of sunglasses based on stereotomic architecture. They have a geometric and modern design, which can be reduced to a set of straight lines and perfect circles. The frames in this collection feature a toughlooking, very strong personality. As in Tectonic Series, on the inside you can observe the weave that maintains the tension and the recesses that increase the lightness of the frame.





The Grid Series is the collection of perforated glasses, inspired by the Super surface devised by the group Archizoom. This collection has a distinctly retro-futuristic design, it boils down to only the minimum wires strictly necessary to maintain proper tension. The rods are also fully perforated, making them lighter and highlighting its structure.


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Oliver Peoples launches its latest news for 2018 celebrating its 30 year anniversary. For this reason we dedicate a detailed section to these news.


The American glasses brand, which creates its designs in Los Angeles and the manufacture in Italy and Japan, is differentiated by the quality of the materials and by the dedication in the creation of its glasses in an artisanal way. And the brand has its main focus on the elegance.


Famous fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair have talked about the brand. Therefore it is not a surprise that Oliver Peoples is popular with celebrities.


Robert Downey


Oliver Peoples glasses news for 2018

The brand always has carried out campaigns that reflect its innovation and elegance. This innovative and elegant image is represented in Oliver Peoples campaign video, with the story of four friends who are on the back roads of the Mojave desert, California.


The news of Oliver Peoples for 2018 are faithful to a retro and distinguished style, with shapes and designs for different personalities. Models such as OP-40 30TH or DACETTE define the modern and creative character of the brand.

Eyewears and sunglasses are composed of materials such as titanium, metal and quality acetates. The frame of most news of the sunglasses are characterized by a thin thickness, so marking its elegant style. We shouldn't forget that the solar lenses of the new campaign can be polarized, photochromic, mirror effect or with gradients. In short, have a look Oliver Peoples news.


Oliver Peoples news for 2018 in Bassol Optic

Oliver Peoples Eyewear                 Oliver Peoples sunglasses 


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Matsuda presents the novelties in sunglasses and view for this 2018. A collection characterized by being innovative and timeless.

Each of the Matsuda glasses is a tiny work of art based on Japanese design, such as simplicity and efficiency.
Matsuda's sunglasses and eyeglasses are made by hand in craft eyewear workshops located in Japan, using materials such as celluloid acetate, stainless steel, titanium, silver or gold and in some glasses the leather collection as a complement.

Titanium and acetate are the most used materials in 2018. Titanium is resistant and light, as well as being a hypoallergenic material.

For a perfect finish, each titanium frame is placed through a drum polisher for more than 24 hours.

Matsuda has three collections. The Precious collection uses luxurious materials, such as hand-engraved sterling silver, 18k solid gold and buffalo horn.

Matsuda glasses  news

With the essential collection, Matsuda surprises with new designs that are based on the details in the frame made of pure titanium, stainless steel and acetate.

Matsuda glasses  news

Unlike the essential, the Heritage collection consists of the limited production of more sought-after pieces with a high presence in fashion and trend.

Matsuda glasses  news


News in Matsuda for its 2018 collection:


Some of the novelties of glasses have watermarks on their bridges, frames or pins with engravings. Among his designs we can see that aviator glasses stand out, or mount with double bridge, in addition to wearing a gradient in all his sunglasses. Some of the sunglasses that he has released are polarized.



Matsuda glasses newsMatsuda glasses news


Matsuda glasses newsMatsuda glasses news


Matsuda glasses newsMatsuda glasses news


Matsuda glasses newsMatsuda glasses news


Matsuda glasses newsMatsuda glasses news


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HOET is an innovative Belgian eyewear brand with more than 25 years of experience in eyewear design. This brand is synonymous of Vanguardia, with high quality and comfort.

The field of Hoet is innovation because each of its glasses is made with a new technique launched on the market, 3D printing. In addition, it uses traditional techniques that give it a light weight.


HOET brand glasses designed and printed in 3D:

HOET has three collections Hoet eyewear, Yuniku and Seiko eyewear, each collection is made in a unique way.

HOET eyewear looks for simplicity with a classic and modern design in its glasses. Yuniku, nylon glasses with 3D printing, are glasses made through software. Seiko eyewear a made-to-measure glasses that provide a wide view, includes a ventilation fog. Has won a prize Silmo D'or with the optical innovation in sports equipment.

Theo glasses are made using laser technology and chemical engraving with exclusive shapes. Also, flat and soft colors already used in other collections are applied.

In the latest HOET collection, 3D printed glasses with customized titanium material predominate. The 3D glasses are available in two colors, dark anthracite and natural.
innovative glasses HOET in 3D printing
If desired, the glasses may include diamonds or gold accents and may contain a personalized message engraved inside. For this, the HOET brand works together with Bruges jeweler Peter Quijo.

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The Dior sunglasses for the new season 2018 is luxury in all aspects. The French house Christian Dior has designed and produced a collection of sunglasses most coveted among celebrities and celebrities.

The new collection of Dior sunglasses is luxury, it is a trend and marks a point in the world of fashion, that's why all bets for this brand make it exclusive.

The Dior 2018 glasses are presented as a symbol of modernity, unique, avant-garde and with designs inspired by the latest trends.

Within the Dior collection for 2018 we find perfectly designed models for both men and women. One of the visible bets in its change is the use of metals and mirrored lenses.

Among the most striking additions for women, we find the Dior Stellaire glasses, where the Dior brand puts a lot of effort in achieving lightness and wide area of ​​vision. Both the Dior Stellaire 1 and Dior Stellaire 2 glasses dominate an ultra-thin frame of both gold and silver metals that emphasize and enhance the flat and mirrored lenses.

We also observe, the Dior Stud model incorporates an exclusive product made in acetate where they combine the fineness and sophistication of black acetate. Reinterpret the cannage motif. The front part in black fine acetate is combined with temples adorned with the emblematic motif of the Maison on which are set 112 gold studs and the logo with the signature of DIOR.

For men, the most striking additions are the HARDIOR sunglasses, where the brand reveals the rectangular screens and their lightness.

As a novelty in Dior Homme, the brand incorporates the Dior Pressure model, a round-shaped sunglasses with an ultra-thin metal frame and adorned with a double graphic bridge.

Undoubtedly, the new collection of Dior 2018 sunglasses incorporate all the usual value of the Dior brand and introduce novelties with a lot of style and taste to already accustomed models. Dior as always bet on luxury glasses, style and design.

This has only been a small sample of what Dior has achieved for the new season 2018, eclusive sunglasses that distinguish the most elegant men and women.

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The Thom Browne Eyeglasses belong to the male fashion designer Thom Browne, who has been awarded numerous awards since its inception when it started with a small store and five handmade suits.

In 2011, he partnered with designer luxury eyeglasses Dita in Los Angeles to launch a unisex goggle style inspired by crafts, architecture, studio artists, industrial designers and professors from the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Thom Browne Eyeglasses are premium accessories with unmistakable quality, combining elegance with sensitivity for detail.

The shapes and details of this season are characterized by luxurious tones. The metallic details and the dark tones provoke a reaction of high impact.

Thom Browne glasses make people see things differently.

Each style of glasses is marked with the signature Thom Browne in the tip of its rods with the shades red, white and blue.


Currently Thom Browne metal prescription glasses are exquisting, all mounts are made of high quality titanium delivering maximum strength, lightness and comfort.

For this season Thom Browne expresses his inspiration in the classic American style and refreshes the forms of his mounts with European styles.


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