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Sport eyewear

The sun's rays are becoming more dangerous to our vision day, can cause cataracts and photokeratitis, so it is always good to protect and even more when the rebound occurs on the surface of the water. In addition to sunscreen, sunglasses should protect against accidents hooks, rods or oversights with other fishing gear.

For sport fishing is so important fishing rod and gear such as sunglasses line you use. It is an important factor, not to see the fish from the surface, but to make the appropriate sets without disturbances of the bright sunlight that will give us a manipulation and handling when you pick up the line.

Serengeti sunglasses are specific to practice the sport of fishing, adapt to light conditions: under conditions of high brightness pigment molecules lenses dilate and cause the lens to absorb more light. When there is less light these molecules constrict and separated from each other, so that let in more light. This intelligent light control labor saving your eyes and allows you to see everything more clearly and effortlessly.

To make a good choice of sunglasses, features such as the lens color, shape and functionality in protection and polarization varies according to climatic conditions and the different types of sport.

In general terms we can decide to buy sunglasses for fishing on the type of lens or mount type:


Copper Color lenses or Rosa

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Rosa

They are the best choice for fish for all weather conditions. Polarized lenses absorb much better copper blue light, causing the reflection. These lenses have better contrast and give you a picture with more color and greater sense of depth in green and blue panoramas.


Lens Color Gray or Green

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Grey

Fishing on sunny days are the ideal choice. Significantly reduce light and not distort colors lenses much as they would with another shade of dyes.


Yellow lenses, Amber or Gold

Serengeti Maestrale Sunglasses - Brown

Good for cloudy or dark days, because its light is minimal reduction in these conditions improve depth perception.

In addition to the choice of lens mounts are a key deciding to comfort or protection option.


Metal frames

A very comfortable option for when used for long periods of time, more fragile to falls or blows.


Injected frames

They are built to withstand shocks and tend to be less comfortable with the passing of the hours for some fishermen.


One of the best sunglasses are the Serengeti Maestrale, with polarized lenses that reduce glare and reduce eyestrain. Among the main features of this model highlights its impact resistance, scratch and are ultralight. Their lenses add contrast to the colors without distorting the natural colors.

Do not forget to add a Strap so that you can hold in your neck in this case the fight with the fish put strong, so you avoid that you fall into the water.


Serengeti Eyewear: An unparalleled experience for the most demanding.


A world champion and the fastest rider in the world, almost nothing. Mark Cavendish challenged Oakley engineers to overcome the limited field of view conventional glasses and increase protection and ventilation to a new level of extreme performance. The result is Oakley OO9270 Jawbreaker.

In this model Oakley Jawbreaker the most advanced version of the technology SWITCHLOCK Oakley, a system of interchangeable lenses used without problems. It allows you to adapt your vision to light changes to increase safety in any activity.


Equipped with a ventilation system specially designed to optimize airflow, it helps you to be comfortable and to prevent accumulation of fog that originates in the lens by thermal changes. The placement of the vents is kept away from your eyes to avoid distractions and optical distortions.

Choose the one you like and make your purchase now.  


Oakley OO9290 Jawbreaker sunglasses from 122 €


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