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Sport glasses for runners, athletes and sportsmen
September 21 | 2017
Sport eyewear

Sport glasses for runners, athletes and sportsmen

The sports glasses are developed for the new generation of runners, athletes and athletes who go beyond.

The importance of wearing glasses in sports activities is part of your safety with the environment. The combination of frame and lens is designed to give maximum potential, promote the performance and concentration of runners, athletes, cyclists, etc.

Greater field of vision is possible thanks to the new generation of sports glasses with graduated option. These sunglasses or eyeglasses are developed in a revolutionary way to protect your eyes from falling and impacts of objects you face on your way.

Sports sunglasses and prescription have an innovative and striking design, which in many cases will be the perfect complement to match the sneakers and the clothes.

At the beginning of the sport glasses, the production in this sector could not maintain the level of constant evolution of the needs of the athletes. To bring high levels of performance to the glasses, they changed the way the glasses are produced starting with the lenses.

This change of thinking meant starting again and forgetting what was known as a sporting glass both in the lens and in the manufacture. The first challenge to beat was the line of connection between frame and lenses, combining these as something unique.

Among the goals of this change is protection and performance, so it is important to be able to extend the lens as much as possible and provide maximum coverage, allowing athletes to concentrate 100% on their performance.

The innovation that is currently developed in sports glasses is possible thanks to the continuous research in needs studied in professional athletes.

Sports sunglasses are designed exclusively for athletes who require maximum coverage and protection. And, no doubt, anyone could wear them as normal sunglasses.

Now you can have an innovative design with an innovative lens, with a refined optics and clear and clear vision. The whole revolutionary process of production has never before been used in a complement of sport and fashion, but certainly will mark the standards of production of sports glasses from now on.

Our team of Opticians / Optometrists will look for the best solution to obtain the glasses you want and make sure that mistakes are avoided in achieving clear and wide vision.



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