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Do you know what is the latest trend in Women's sunglasses 2018? The spring summer season 2018 has already started and it is letting us see what will be the trend in purchases of women's sunglasses.

As every year, our brands in women's sunglasses, whether it's Chanel, Prada, Dior, Fendi or Dolce Gabbana have us used to show us the news for each season, but these models are not always finally accepted on the street.

 Knowing the trend in purchases of women's sunglasses online, will help you to know what it is going to take and that is why we have created this article that will collect all women's sunglasses for this spring summer 2018.

New in Women's sunglasses for 2018

The trend in women's sunglasses is occupying a gamma of frames that share round and slightly cat's eye shapes composed entirely of metallic materials with acetate inserts.

This beginning of the season lets us see a pre-selection of models that are being frequent and brands such as Chanel, Dior and Etnia Barcelona are mainly already taking the lead in trend purchases for women's sunglasses.

We present you an ordered list of the latest trend in women's sunglasses for this spring-summer 2018.


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built in barcleona ingles



lool is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. They manufacture in series from sheets of steel. They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine. The design lines reflect a main influence, retrofuturism infusing in this way its own unique personality to each and every one of our pieces. Our commitment to the city leads us to design and build our glasses in Barcelona.




Tectonic Series is the collection of prescription glasses based upon tectonics architecture. The collection shares a design inspired by retrofuturism, with a strong double bridge. The frames of this collection have a very light appearance, thanks to the fine wires that are hidden in the profile of the lens. On the inside, the wires that maintain the tension can be observed, whilst the incisions increase the lightness of the frame.






Stereotomic Series is the main collection of sunglasses based on stereotomic architecture. They have a geometric and modern design, which can be reduced to a set of straight lines and perfect circles. The frames in this collection feature a toughlooking, very strong personality. As in Tectonic Series, on the inside you can observe the weave that maintains the tension and the recesses that increase the lightness of the frame.





The Grid Series is the collection of perforated glasses, inspired by the Super surface devised by the group Archizoom. This collection has a distinctly retro-futuristic design, it boils down to only the minimum wires strictly necessary to maintain proper tension. The rods are also fully perforated, making them lighter and highlighting its structure.


Discover this spectacular collection of glasses lool in our store Bassol Gallery.
Carrer Doctor Dou 19. Barcelona

MIDO 2018 is the main international fair to know about the latest developments in the field of optics, optometry and ophthalmology.

This year 2018, the event was held from February 24 to 26. MIDO takes place at the Milan Fair, specifically in the Rho FieraMilano complex, which is located in the city of Rho. Professionals from this sector meet to discover new products, services and the latest trends of each year. In order to offer the public the most interesting news.

In MIDO we can find the trend in sunglasses, accessories and special treatments for vision. Therefore, it is considered the most important fair in the visual health sector.


MIDO 2018, a fair with a lot of history

At the beginning of the 70s a group of Italian entrepreneurs decided to create an event with the intention of exhibiting the novelties. This event was called MIDO and has evolved with a high recognition worldwide.

MIDO 1986

MIDO 1986 


Year after year, the event has been faithful to technological innovations and to show designs adapted to today's society. In this latest edition we have found trends such as these in eyewear designs:

- Metal, one of the most used materials

- Frames with 3D printers

- Colors inspired by nature

- Irregular shapes or without frame

- Safe materials for children


Bassol optics brings you the news of MIDO 2018

This year the global participation has been 5% higher than in 2017, demonstrating its importance year after year. Bassol Optics has been at MIDO 2018 to offer you the most innovative trends.

Among the most outstanding brands are Kaleos Eyehunters, Lool Eyewear, AM Eyewear and Matsuda, bringing us fresh, revolutionary and stylish designs.

Lool Eyewear marks innovation with a collection of night sunglasses that incorporate NCS SYSTEM photochromic lenses to adapt the light changes. Kaleos Eyehunters exhibit a stylish collection of eyeglasses for women designed with metal and soft and elegant colors.

Lool Eyewear

Lool Eyewear's "Non stop city" collection  

Kaleos Eyehunters

Kaleos Eyehunters SS18 new model

You can find more information about the MIDO 2018 fair on its official website.

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The selection of glasses to give Valentine's Day in Bassol Optics is dedicated to all who don't want to stop surprising our couple.

This special day get close and in Bassol Optics we have thought about you. Have you already selected the ideal gift for the next Valentine's Day? We want to help you in your choice and for that reason we have chosen the best variety of different brands glasses offers.


What do you need to know about our glasses offers for Valentine's Day gift?

Before you make your best choice we want to give you the necessary information so that you can make the perfect decision. The most important points to know for your gift are the following:

- Does your couple have a rounded, oval or square face? Depending on the shape of the face, a certain type of glasses will stand out more. For Valentine's Day gift, we must keep in mind that the models that contrast gently with the shape face are the most attractive. Therefore, a rounded face will look better with narrow and rectangular glasses, an oval face will stand out with square models and with slightly thicker frames, and a square face will stand out with rounded shapes.

Glasses and face


Combining the hair tone or the skin tone with the color of the frame stand out the face. So, the warm tones glasses stand out more with light hair peoples and cold tones with dark hairs.

Glasses and hair


- The materials can be acetate, metal or titanium. It's important to remember that metal and titanium are lighter, especially the latter, therefore its price is higher. Although the acetates glasses offers will continue to be a good decision to give Valentine's Day.


We select the best Valentine's Day glasses offers for you

Remember that you have available a discount of 20% on all the following models:

You just have to enter the 20BUYNOW code in the purchase process.

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses

Valentine's Day glassesValentine's Day glasses


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Orthokeratological lenses reduce myopia, ideal for athletes or professionals, it allows you not to wear glasses or lenses throughout the day.

Orthokeratology is the modification of the cornea, the first lens of the eye, with the aim of improving vision and reduce myopia without the need to constantly wear glasses or lenses. This treatment is done with special lenses that are used while sleeping and allow a clear vision, without glasses or contact lenses, during the day.

Orthokeratology is designed for people myopics of all ages who want to lead a life without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses all day either for comfort, need or esthetics.

Orthokeratology is the perfect option for people who do not want or can not operate, but want to practice a profession in which an optimal vision is required for their performance.


Different needs that ortho-k lenses cover in sport:

Orto-k lenses for athletes and professionals.


1. In the case of snow sports you need to have a good vision to calculate the distances

2. Athletes who play ball sports have to have good reflexes, peripheral vision and good reaction time.

3. In boxing or wrestling they need a good vision to foresee the movements of their opponent.

4. In water sports such as surfing or doing it is necessary to have a good view to see when approaching one or more or more if there is any element that obstructs the passage.


Professionals who use orthokeratology:


Orto-k lenses for athletes and professionals.


Many people who have nearsightedness and use the ortho-k treatment have taken advantage of them to apply for police, fire and many other positions. Police or civil guard already contemplate the ortho-k as equivalent treatment to the operation of myopia and thus be valid for the opposition, they go to the exam obtaining a pass in visual acuity.

Drivers who use this treatment will have the advantage of not depending on an object when driving.

The use of special ortho-k lenses is frequent, every night before sleep you have to put special lenses and have them on while you sleep, the next day the lenses are removed in the morning and finally you enjoy a day without glasses or contact lenses to see well.

A practical case where orthokeratology has been used is in a 12-13 year old girl who lives in Barcelona. Had -5.00 Diopters of myopia in both eyes. When he started using a custom lens to treat his graduation. In a week of treatment he began to improve his sight during the day.

Optical Bassol provides the orthokeratology treatment at the optic located at C/ Doctor Dou 19, for more information call us at 93 342 82 18 or contact us at info@opticabassol.com and we will help you with your questions.

Do not hesitate to visit us, remember that we have a special offer for Valentine's Day.

Oliver Peoples launches its latest news for 2018 celebrating its 30 year anniversary. For this reason we dedicate a detailed section to these news.


The American glasses brand, which creates its designs in Los Angeles and the manufacture in Italy and Japan, is differentiated by the quality of the materials and by the dedication in the creation of its glasses in an artisanal way. And the brand has its main focus on the elegance.


Famous fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair have talked about the brand. Therefore it is not a surprise that Oliver Peoples is popular with celebrities.


Robert Downey


Oliver Peoples glasses news for 2018

The brand always has carried out campaigns that reflect its innovation and elegance. This innovative and elegant image is represented in Oliver Peoples campaign video, with the story of four friends who are on the back roads of the Mojave desert, California.


The news of Oliver Peoples for 2018 are faithful to a retro and distinguished style, with shapes and designs for different personalities. Models such as OP-40 30TH or DACETTE define the modern and creative character of the brand.

Eyewears and sunglasses are composed of materials such as titanium, metal and quality acetates. The frame of most news of the sunglasses are characterized by a thin thickness, so marking its elegant style. We shouldn't forget that the solar lenses of the new campaign can be polarized, photochromic, mirror effect or with gradients. In short, have a look Oliver Peoples news.


Oliver Peoples news for 2018 in Bassol Optic

Oliver Peoples Eyewear                 Oliver Peoples sunglasses 


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