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We select the 10 best sunglasses in sales of Etnia Barcelona for this season 2018 with a discount of 40% already included in each model.

Buy sunglasses Etnia Barcelona online on sale has a 40% discount and for this we have created an article that collects the news of this brand in sunglasses. If you wish you can consult the selection of sales in prescription glasses Etnia Barcelona.

Etnia Barcelona has acostomed us as every season to offer us a great variety of sunglasses of quality and at a very competitive price without  missing the quality of their materials.

As every year, the Etnia Barcelona sunglasses are very original and trendy with the latest technology incorporating acetates and nano Flex, as well as incorporating Barberini lenses, considered one of the best lens manufacturers in the world.

New releases of Etnia Barcelona sunglasses on sale now

For this winter season 2018, Etnia Barcelona has created a campaign called Anartist with sunglasses inspired by iconic works of art.A whole campaign based on an anartist attitude with images and elements that reflec a disruptive vision ,with the presence of landscapes in the background,the rebirth and where the protagonist is the young blonde woman.


Selection of the 10 best offers in sunglasses Etnia Barcelona 2018

Latest trend in Etnia Barcelona:


Metal sunglasses on sale:


The latest from Etnia Barcelona in acetate:


Trend for these sales:

Etnia Barcelona aviator sunglasses on sale:

Remember that you have available a discount of 40% on all Etnia Barcelona glasses in the category Sunglasses sales. You do not have to enter any code during the purchase.

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Like every year with Christmas, our best offers come in sunglasses and prescription glasses. The time of greatest volume of purchases has arrived and our commitment begins in anticipating the pre-Christmas stresses, with a selection of offers so that the last minute purchases in the absence of time cease to be habitual in our lives.

Bassol Optic has designed an offer for this Christmas present for all audiences. We went ahead to put you some hard to beat prices on these dates, either for Three Kings, Santa Claus, a birthday or a special invisible friend.


Characteristics of the Christmas offer?

At Bassol Optic we want the price of your gifts to be the least worrisome. We have designed an offer for all audiences with:


20% EXTRA discount on any SUNGLASSES





What discount codes to use this Christmas?

Code: "20XMAS20"

Throughout the month, apply your discount code in the purchase process.


Availability of the offer in sunglasses and eyes?

We put at your disposal an offer present throughout the month of December to find your sunglasses and prescription glasses with crystals at the best price.

Valid from December 1 to 31, 2017.

Expanded until January 6, 2018


 Conditions of the offer and discounts for this Christmas.

Only purchases made during the promotional period from December 1 to December 31 will be eligible for this discount.

The offer is exclusive for sunglasses and prescription glasses, complements and lenses are excluded.

Indo monofocal lenses are free for graduations of Esf 2.00 -2.00, Cyl 2.00 - 2.00, Standard range of reduction 1.5.

For all other graduations check the price in the graduation process.



More information

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If you still can not decide and you still think about the perfect glasses to give this Christmas, we make it very easy with a selection dedicated to the 10 perfect glasses for this 2017 Christmas.

We offer you a wide variety of sun frames and view where you can choose the perfect style within the main trends and brands present in fashion.
Buying the perfect glasses for this Christmas is not easy and having a few visual tips of the most current models will allow you to relax and take the best decision to make an unforgettable gift or experience.

Remember that you can apply an extra 20% discount to all models during the month of December with the code 20XMAS20.

We promote you the selection of 10 perfect glasses that can be the best purchase or the best gift for this Christmas.


1. Perfect glasses for daily use, in the office, at home:


2. Perfect glasses for changes of look, style or trend:


3. Perfect glasses of quality / perfect price:


4. Perfect quality / premium price glasses:

5. Perfect glasses of current fashion:

6. Perfect small or minimalist glasses:


7. Perfect oversize, large and stylish glasses:

8. Perfect glasses made of acetate:

9. Perfect glasses made of metal:

10. Perfect titanium glasses:


In short, finding the perfect glasses should be based on the utility and the values ​​that you think they should meet, taking into account the person who will wear them.
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The Dior sunglasses for the new season 2018 is luxury in all aspects. The French house Christian Dior has designed and produced a collection of sunglasses most coveted among celebrities and celebrities.

The new collection of Dior sunglasses is luxury, it is a trend and marks a point in the world of fashion, that's why all bets for this brand make it exclusive.

The Dior 2018 glasses are presented as a symbol of modernity, unique, avant-garde and with designs inspired by the latest trends.

Within the Dior collection for 2018 we find perfectly designed models for both men and women. One of the visible bets in its change is the use of metals and mirrored lenses.

Among the most striking additions for women, we find the Dior Stellaire glasses, where the Dior brand puts a lot of effort in achieving lightness and wide area of ​​vision. Both the Dior Stellaire 1 and Dior Stellaire 2 glasses dominate an ultra-thin frame of both gold and silver metals that emphasize and enhance the flat and mirrored lenses.

We also observe, the Dior Stud model incorporates an exclusive product made in acetate where they combine the fineness and sophistication of black acetate. Reinterpret the cannage motif. The front part in black fine acetate is combined with temples adorned with the emblematic motif of the Maison on which are set 112 gold studs and the logo with the signature of DIOR.

For men, the most striking additions are the HARDIOR sunglasses, where the brand reveals the rectangular screens and their lightness.

As a novelty in Dior Homme, the brand incorporates the Dior Pressure model, a round-shaped sunglasses with an ultra-thin metal frame and adorned with a double graphic bridge.

Undoubtedly, the new collection of Dior 2018 sunglasses incorporate all the usual value of the Dior brand and introduce novelties with a lot of style and taste to already accustomed models. Dior as always bet on luxury glasses, style and design.

This has only been a small sample of what Dior has achieved for the new season 2018, eclusive sunglasses that distinguish the most elegant men and women.

Discover the entire DIOR collection in Bassol Optics:


When is Black Friday?

The most awaited day of the year has arrived, And comes on November 24, 2017´s Black Friday,  This long-awaited shopping day starts the season of the most aggressive discounts and promotions of the year, where we will have a store full of sales and unique opportunities to get ahead of your Christmas shopping at an incredible price.

At Bassol Optic we are working to surprise you this BLACK FRIDAY 2017 where you will find the best discounts on sunglasses, prescription glasses,  and accessories. Enjoy this limited offer on all products and do not miss the best discounts of the year.

When does Black Friday end?

This year, Black Friday 2017, is on November 24, however, throughout the whole weekend you can enjoy our unrepeatable discounts. The Black Friday 2017 ends on November 27 followed by Cyber ​​Monday, the last day of promotions and unrepeatable offers.

Next Black Friday 2017: November 24

Next CyberMonday 2017: November 27


What offers will be incredible?

At Bassol Optic we take Black Friday very seriously, and it will be the moment of the year where we will make the best offers imaginable in all brands. The best discounts on all products can be found on our home page, except contact lenses.


What codes do I need to use on Black Friday 2017?

During Black Friday 2017 we are launching exclusive promotions from Friday, November 17, 2017 until Monday, January 27, 2017.

Make the most of these discounts, they are only available for a limited time:


- BLACK WEEK: 17% Extra exclusive discount from 17 to 23 November.



- BLACK FRIDAY: 25% Extra exclusive discount from 24 to 26 November.



- CYBER MONDAY: 30% Extra exclusive discount from 27 to 28 November.



This exclusive selection of offers will allow you to enjoy your glasses, sometimes even with a discount greater than 50%.

This year enjoy an taster with BLACK WEEK, a week before Black Friday to anticipate the big discounts of what will be the best day of deals in online shopping.

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Begin with your single day lenses

Nowadays, everyone can wear contact lenses. If you start with your first contact lenses try using only a few days. In addition, daily lenses are perfect for sports lovers and to enjoy your vacations.



Age at which a child can use contact lenses

Did you know that your children can wear lenses from the age of 8? Many of our children perform sport and need a good vision to practice it, without losing comfort.
Daily lenses require very little care, both hygiene and maintenance.



Half hours of daily use of lentils

The average time of use of contact lenses is 10 hours per day. There are contact lenses that fit your pace of life, come and we will advise you what best suits your needs.



Hours of extended use is possible with current materials

The new generations of contact lenses allow you to take 24 hours and even sleep with them. Occasionally, our day begins at 6:00 a.m. and we return when it's almost dawning. The new contact lenses are prepared to withstand your pace of life



The key age for the appearance of presbyopia is 45 years

Do you notice that you get the lyrics together when you are reading or looking at your mobile phone? You may need progressive lenses.
Progressive lenses will allow you to see well from afar and close without having to wear glasses. You just have to choose between daily or monthly



Daily units as a measure of savings

If someone told you that the daily lenses are expensive, it is because they do not know the boxes of 90 units. Now, with the packs of 90 units, each pair of lenses will cost you less than € 1 a day.


If you need more information about a contact lenses treatment or you want additional information, contact us at info@opticabassol.com.

Remember that you have all our contact lenses available for purchase online, we will send them home.


We search the best glasses and we turn the world for you. We bring those glasses that delude you when you visit us and make us feel special when wearing.