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Complements - Reading glasses with colored lenses

Eyes-cream is the first project born from the minds and pencils of Eyepetizer Lab, a creative laboratory where unconventional ideas take shape, a place where limits are transformed into opportunities, as well as for Eyes-cream.


Reading is for many a pleasure, for many others a need, being able to do it in color can only add flavor. This is how Eyes-Cream was born, with the desire to change, innovate and finally make our reading different. Simply choose your favorite flavor, no doubt for the greedy, there will be more than one, among Milk, Anise, Lemon and Strawberry, in the three most common lens gradations, combined with one of the two proposed frames, gold or silver. Manufactured in ultra-light harmonic steel, with a timeless design suitable for all occasions, it is a product that makes the color its stylistic signature, without forgetting the possibility of choosing it even in the version with transparent lens.