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Men's Glasses

Discover our Man prescription glasses collection. New prodcuts to make you shine and to take care of your eyes.

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How to choose prescription glasses for men

If you need to buy prescription glasses for men, Bassol Optic is the best possible place: we have a wide catalogue of the best brands on the market in all styles, frame types and materials, so that you can always find the most appropriate prescription glasses for men.

More than just a health product, prescription glasses are a fashion accessory, a piece that speaks about the personality and lifestyle of the man who wears them. But, beyond tastes and trends, they must perfectly fulfil their purpose: to help improve vision and, for that, at Bassol Optic we offer you the best options:

Type of glass

You can choose between single vision lenses (for near or far vision) or progressive lenses (the same lens has different prescriptions depending on the area). In addition, we can apply different treatments to your lenses designed to improve your day-to-day comfort:

  • Blue light filter: Do you spend many hours a day in front of computer or mobile screens? Your eyes will thank you for the protection and rest provided by this filter.
  • Photochromic lenses: they darken in the light and regain their transparency in the twilight: the most appropriate spectacle at all times.
  • Polarised treatment: if you drive or play outdoor sports, you definitely need glass that eliminates reflections and refines shapes and colours.

All our lenses have the maximum guarantees of the Indo and Zeiss brands.

Frame types

In the collection of prescription glasses offered by Bassol Optic you will find full frames, half frames and open frames, in which the frame gradually loses prominence. In addition, you will have to choose between one of the following shapes:

  • Round prescription glasses: for hippies and non-conformists.
  • Pilot prescription glasses: designed for rebels who make life an adventure.
  • Square prescription glasses: the most classic spirit with a touch of modernity.
  • Wayfarer prescription glasses: style and elegance in an eyewear frame.
  • Butterfly prescription glasses: so that your glasses are as modern and original as you are.

Trends in men's prescription glasses

If you want to look fashionable while taking care of your vision, take note of the trends in men's prescription glasses for this season:

  • Round metal glasses: visually lighter than the acetate ones, but with all the personality of the models inspired by the hippie movement.
  • Tortoiseshell frames in gradient tones: forget boring black and add a touch of style to your look with tortoiseshell frames. A plus? Choose frames in gradient shades instead of uniform ones.
  • Mix of materials: transport yourself to American universities in the 50's with prescription glasses with an acetate brow and the rest of the frame in metal - a modern vintage touch!

Which are the best-selling prescription glasses brands for men?

At Bassol Optic you will find the best brands of prescription glasses for men, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Carrera and Gucci, among others. Buying them is as easy as choosing the model you like, providing your prescription data during the purchase process and receiving them comfortably at home.

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