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Women's Glasses

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How to choose prescription glasses for women?

Although for some years wearing glasses was little more than a problem for women, nowadays they have become just another accessory, and there are even those who wear them without needing them. If you are looking for prescription glasses of the best brands, in the Bassol Optic catalogue you will find what you need.

Glasses speak of the personality of the person who wears them, but unlike other more removable accessories, we always wear them, so it is important to feel comfortable with them: try to choose a model that goes perfectly with your personality but also combines with your style of dress and enhances your facial features. Here are some tips on how to choose the prescription glasses that best suit your features:

  • If you have a round face, square, rectangular and octagonal glasses will suit you particularly well.
  • For triangular features, cat-eye style frames are the most suitable, as they balance the upper and lower part of the face, harmonising the features.
  • If you have a square face, choose round or oval frames that soften your features. A stylish must-have: aviator prescription glasses.
  • Finally, if you have an oval face, congratulations: you have lucky features that look good in all types of frames.

Remember to take into account the proportions of your face and head so that you don't choose frames (whether they are air frames, half frames or full frames) that are too large or too small.

What type of glass do you need?

Once you have chosen the frame you like the most, you can proceed with the online purchase process by entering the prescription you need (you will find it in the prescription provided by your optician or ophthalmologist). Next, you need to choose the type of lens for your new prescription glasses:

  • Monofocal lenses, if your vision problems cover a specific field, either near or far.
  • Progressive or bifocal lenses if you need the lens to have different prescriptions to allow you to focus at near, far and medium distances.

In addition, you can choose photochromic lenses to combine sunglasses and vision glasses into one, polarised lenses if you are going to use your glasses for driving or outdoor sports and add a blue light filter to protect you from screen radiation.

All our lenses are made of the highest quality lenses, Indo or Zeiss, and, depending on the prescription and type of glasses, you can apply a thickness reduction treatment, which can reach up to 40% of the thickness.

Latest trends in women's prescription glasses

If there is one sector of the optical sector that changes rapidly according to fashion and the latest trends, it is prescription glasses for women. This season, the most fashionable trends are:

  • Bigger and bigger glasses: Not only are they very comfortable, as they provide a large field of vision, but big glasses suit almost all face types (as long as they are proportionate).
  • Discretion is out: forget about glasses that try to go unnoticed and go for acetate frames in strong colours: black in winter and red, green and electric blue in summer.
  • Transparent or pastel coloured frames: extremes attract and this season we will see the two opposing but complementary trends. Extremely thin metal frames (without being airy) or transparent acetate frames are stylish and elegant.

Top selling women's prescription glasses brands

In Bassol Optic you will find the best brands of prescription glasses for women on the market, from the classic Ray-Ban to the spectacular Gucci, through the collections of the best fashion designers, including Tom Ford or Dolce Gabbana, among others.

All our frames are 100% original products with a two-year guarantee offered by the brand itself. In the shipment you will receive your glasses with prescription lenses, as well as the brand's own lenses and the original case and chamois.

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