Men's Sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses

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  1. Serengeti Bormio SS009004
    €142.50 €190.00
    5 Colors
  2. Serengeti Carrara 8546
    €179.99 €239.99
    3 Colors
  3. Gucci GG0637SK 001 56
    2 Colors
  4. Persol PO5003ST 800056 54
    3 Colors
  5. Persol PO3210S 95/31 54
    3 Colors
  6. Serengeti Bormio SS009001
    €142.50 €190.00
    5 Colors
  7. Serengeti Pistoia 8301
    €187.50 €250.00
    2 Colors
  8. Serengeti Positano 8371
    €187.50 €250.00
    4 Colors
  9. Ray-Ban RB4264 601S5J 58
    6 Colors
  10. Ray-Ban RJ9064S 7052V0 44
    11 Colors
  11. Cazal 725-3 - 001 - 61 mm
    3 Colors
  12. Cazal 6023/3 002 58
    2 Colors
  13. Cazal 9080 001 BLACK-GOLD
    1 Color
  14. Retrosuperfuture Giusto Green
    €124.02 €159.00
    1 Color
  15. Ray-Ban RB2180 601/71 49
    10 Colors
  16. Ray-Ban RB2180 601/71 51
    10 Colors
  17. Ray-Ban RB2180 710/73 49
    10 Colors
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How are our men's sunglasses?

Discover our selection of sunglasses for men, where style and practicality go hand in hand to accompany you and protect your eyes not only in summer, but all year round. In our extensive catalogue, both online and in any of our four physical points of sale, you are sure to find the model of men's sunglasses that best suits your tastes and needs.

In reality, men's sunglasses do not differ from the rest in much more than the size of the frame, which is slightly larger than that of women's sunglasses. Beyond that, styles, materials and lenses are similar, although it is true that there are timeless, classic models that almost all men have worn at some point in their lives.

Ray-Ban Men's Wayfarer

A classic model that hasn't lost any of its freshness and always looks good, regardless of your facial features. The Wayfarer is the sunglasses for you if you like to cultivate a classic style with a contemporary twist. Our tip: choose this frame in a bold colour to give your look a cool summer vibe.

Men's aviator sunglasses

Top Gun fashion is more present than ever, but aviator style glasses have never really been outdated. Perfect for oval faces and elegant yet casual looks, choose the most suitable model depending on what you want to convey with them:

  • Gold frame and green lenses: classic and vintage style.
  • Matte black frame and dark lenses: a trendy model.

Oakley Men's Oval Glasses

Youth, sportiness, lifestyle... Oakley sunglasses are designed for men who can't stand still, for those for whom life is a constant adventure... Go for bright colours in lenses and frames if you want to maximise their sporty tone and limit yourself to black so that they adapt perfectly to your day-to-day life.

Carrera, the timeless men's glasses

If you are looking for glasses that provide great protection without sacrificing style, that adapt perfectly to your pace of life and are perfect for both the most elegant work looks and the most relaxed weekend outfits, Carrera is undoubtedly your best option: a brand synonymous with quality, elegance and good taste.

Men's sunglasses trends this year

If you want to be on trend and your sunglasses are an essential accessory in all your looks, take a look at the latest trends in men's sunglasses:

  • All in black: very dark frames and lenses, capable of providing maximum protection for the eyesight of the active and restless man who enjoys life combining work and hobbies and needs sunglasses to match his activities.
  • Coloured frames and lenses: Opposites attract, so if you already have a pair of black glasses for your everyday looks, you'll look great with sunglasses with bold frames or coloured lenses that will give you that touch of relaxation you need for your weekends and summer getaways.
  • Mirrored lenses: perfect for driving, especially if they are polarised, as well as to hide the marks of the summer parties, sunglasses with mirrored lenses are a safe bet, as they are a trend year after year.

Shop our best-selling brands

At Bassol Optic you will only find men's sunglasses from the best brands, so you can be sure to enjoy a high quality product with a two-year guarantee. Although we have a wide range of sunglasses in our catalogue, there is no doubt that men continue to choose well-known, reputable brands such as Ray-Ban, Carrera, Oakley and Oliver Peoples.

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