Thom Browne Sunglasses

The Thom Browne sunglasses are characterized with a modern and bold design. Respecting the classic lines and mixing them with unconventional elements, the glasses help you create an extraordinary style.

Thom Browne Sunglasses

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Thom Browne Sunglasses

Thom Browne sunglasses, like the rest of the products from the mind of the designer, are daring, eccentric, with a rebellious point, but without ever losing the essence of true elegance.

If there is something that characterizes the brand's frames is the signature of its creator, expressed in the combination of blue, white and red stripes, which appears on the temples of all the frames, and which can also be seen in the titanium pads of the same.

As he does with his haute couture and pret a porter collections, the designer plays with the exquisite combination of extremely classic elements, such as the round frame, with much more avant-garde components, such as the combination of materials and colors or the use of elevated bridges, which give the frame a futuristic and stylish look that will not go unnoticed.

And all this without sacrificing the highest quality in the materials used in the frames, whether acetate, metal or a mixture of both, and in the technology of the lenses, which include CR39 anti-reflective UV treatment, which ensures comfortable vision while protecting the eyesight.

In Optica Bassol you will find a great variety of models of the New York designer for both men and women, with round, aviator, square or wayfarer frames, which guarantees that you will always find the Thom Browne sunglasses model best suited to your style and personality.

In short, if you are looking for high quality sunglasses, vintage design but with a rebellious and contemporary point, if you like fashion but do not want to give up protecting your eyes with the best quality lenses and you dare with the most exclusive and extravagant designs without sacrificing elegance, Thom Browne sunglasses are for you.

Choose from the wide variety that you will find in our online catalog and receive them comfortably at home, accompanied by the guarantee of the firm (as you know, we only work with 100% original products), as well as the case and chamois of the brand.