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Descubre nuestra selección de gafas de sol para Mujer. Novedades de calidad para lucir y cuidar de tus ojos.

Women's Sunglasses

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  1. Retrosuperfuture Augusto Black
    €139.62 €179.00
    1 Color
  2. Cazal 725-3 - 001 - 61 mm
    3 Colors
  3. WOOW SUPER STAR 1 - 0970 - 57 mm
    €136.00 €170.00
    5 Colors
  4. Cutler and Gross 1323 04
    1 Color
  5. Dita STARSPANN DTS531 61 01
    3 Colors
  6. Dita MACH SIX DTS121 62 02
    4 Colors
  7. Missoni MIS 0014 S 6K3 HA 59
    €156.75 €209.00
    1 Color
  8. Marc Jacobs 445 S DXH IR 55
    €91.00 €130.00
    1 Color
  9. Marc Jacobs 486 S J5G 9O 56
    €132.30 €189.00
    1 Color
  10. Marc Jacobs 458 S 807 9O 53
    €90.30 €129.00
    2 Colors
  11. M Missoni 0038 S 2M2 IR 55
    €89.25 €119.00
    1 Color
  12. M Missoni 0034 S V81 HA 52
    €104.25 €139.00
    2 Colors
  13. Love Moschino MOL020 S 5CB IE 53
    €62.30 €89.00
    1 Color
  14. Love Moschino MOL022 S 000 9O 56
    €83.30 €119.00
    1 Color
  15. Jimmy Choo ELVA S 2M2 9O 54
    €276.25 €425.00
    2 Colors
  16. Carrera 1016 S 001 08 64
    €115.70 €178.00
    3 Colors
  17. Raval Eyewear Nevermind C01 Black 53 mm
    €132.00 €165.00
    4 Colors
  18. Raval Eyewear Nevermind C02 Havana 53 mm
    €132.00 €165.00
    4 Colors
  19. Raval Eyewear Rita Rouge Pink Marbre 53 mm
    €140.00 €175.00
    3 Colors
  20. Serengeti Positano 8371
    €169.99 €199.99
    5 Colors
  21. Prada PR 21XS 1AB0A7 54
    3 Colors
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Which women's sunglasses to choose?

Good sunglasses are the perfect complement to a feminine look, as the great divas throughout history have demonstrated: they serve both to hide and to highlight what we want to be seen more and, in addition, they protect the eyes from the uncomfortable rays of the sun. Is there anything more practical?

The ideal: have a few for every occasion and always choose the most appropriate one for the style of clothing and the place you are going to. As it is impossible to have as many as we would like, here are some tips to choose the most appropriate sunglasses for your tastes and needs.

Depending on the type of glass

Depending on the type of glass

  • Polarised: perfect for driving or sports, as this treatment eliminates reflections, allowing only useful light to pass through.
  • Photochromic: maximum comfort without sacrificing style, photochromic sunglasses darken as light increases and become transparent again when outside light decreases. Perfect if you wear prescription sunglasses and don't want to carry both pairs everywhere you go.
  • Mirrored: nothing better to hide a night of excess, bringing elegance and mystery to your look.
  • Gradient: particularly useful in the morning when the sun is high, these lenses are made in an attractive ombré effect, being darker at the top.

In addition, in our catalogue you will find sunglasses with lenses that combine two or more of the above treatments, adding the benefits of both.

Depending on the type of frame

It's often difficult to find the sunglasses that suit you best. Follow our tips to find the women's frame that best suits your physiognomy and you'll never struggle to find the ideal sunglasses for your features again. 

  • Round: perfect for square and angular faces, as they soften the features. They also look great if you have an oval face.
  • Pilot: also highly recommended for angular features, although in this case they emphasise the features rather than softening them.
  • Square: they look great on round faces. If the model you choose has thin temples, it will visually lengthen your face. We recommend one of our top selling rectangular Chanel sunglasses.
  • Wayfarer: a great classic for oval, round or triangular faces.
  • Butterfly: emphasise the cheekbones and improve balance in women with a trapezoid or triangle face shape.

In all cases, pay attention to proportions: if you have a small head and face, don't choose glasses that are too big, and conversely, forget about small glasses if your face is large.

This season's trends in women's sunglasses

If you want to add a trendy touch to your looks and be on trend, a good pair of sunglasses could be the accessory you need. Discover the trends that are coming on strong in 2022:

  • Seventies style: sunglasses in seventies design are characterised by large lenses, metal frames and gold and brown colours. The best thing? This style won't go out of fashion easily, so you'll have sunglasses for a long time to come. 
  • Brightly coloured frames: go for vintage style while adding a little extra cheer to your summer outfits with designer sunglasses in any colour you can think of. 
  • XXL sunglasses: the style of Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn still lives on today. Sunglasses with large lenses will be your best companion both on the beach and in your most urban outfits.
  • 90's style: if the last decade of the last century was characterised by narrow and elongated lenses, avant-garde style and that, even today, are perfect as a complement to the most casual urban looks. What are the best brands of sunglasses for women?

At Bassol Optic you will only find top brand sunglasses, of the best quality and with the most exclusive design. Some of the brands that our customers like the most are Carrera, Chanel, Gucci, or Prada.

You can buy your brand sunglasses for women both on our website and in any of our four physical shops, where, if you wish, one of our specialists can advise you about the most suitable models for you.

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