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Kid's Glasses

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  1. Under Armour UA 9001 6LB 46
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  2. Under Armour UA 9006 900 47
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  3. Under Armour UA 9006 7ZJ 49
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  4. M Missoni MMI 0110/TN DDB 46
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  5. Kate Spade BARI 35J 47 mm
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  6. Love Moschino MOL543 TN 86 46
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Why do children need prescription glasses?

Incluso aunque no exista una patología grave, durante la infancia las gafas graduadas pueden ser necesarias para:

Children are not exempt from wearing prescription glasses and, just like adults, they are just another accessory that should match their tastes and personality, although with a peculiarity: children's glasses should be even more resistant, as their little owners should be able to run, jump and play without fear of breaking them.

During the first 8 or 9 years of life, children's vision is still developing, so special care must be taken to detect possible anomalies, ailments and pathologies as soon as possible, which, if not corrected, can seriously affect other areas of children's development, such as speech or reading, for example.

Even if there is no serious pathology, prescription glasses may be necessary during childhood:

  • Contribute to the normal development of sight.
  • Training of lazy or amblyopic eyes.
  • Treatment of crossed or misaligned eyes.
  • Offering protection to a visually impaired eye.

It is important to have a professional optometrist or ophthalmologist check your child's vision and recommend prescription glasses for any suspected vision problems.

Children's prescription glasses: what to look out for

When choosing prescription glasses for children, especially if they are the first ones they are going to use in their lives, we must be careful to avoid that the child rejects them and their use generates problems. Therefore, if the child is already at the age to choose, it is essential to take into account his or her opinion and tastes.

In addition, the size of the frame must be perfectly adapted to the child's face:

  • For proper vision, taking into account the size of the eyes and the distance between them.
  • To ensure that they are comfortable and do not fall off because they are too big or leave marks because they are too small.

Finally, it is crucial that children's prescription glasses are very resistant, able to withstand the pace of the child's life, but light, so that they are not uncomfortable. Usually, for very young children, prescription glasses are made of a special type of acetate, which is much more flexible and difficult to break, reserving metal frames for older children.

Top brands of children's prescription glasses

Almost all the major brands of prescription glasses already have children's collections especially designed for the youngest members of the family. At Bassol Optic you can find children's prescription glasses from Oakley, Polaroid Kids, or Carrera, among others.

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