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To Paris

The art of seeing, or better, of observing, of be aware of beauty around us, and of the story that contributed to create it. And then the idea of absolute beauty, that is concerned not only with the ability of wearing the right clothing, but also, and first of all, considering places and occasions where is necessary to do it. All this is really concerned with the art of observing, an attitude always more far from our times and from the way of being of the modern era, enterprising and dynamic, for the same reasons inattentive, superficial and, sometimes, arrogant. So, the coffee shop that hosted some of the most important writers of the history, the area of art galleries and museums, the most famous theater of Paris:the new collection tells, seduced by these places, the story of a city that inspired, and still does it, elegance and good taste, all over the worls, with the hope of go on observing the amazing world around us.