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Sunglasses - Illesteva

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Illesteva sunglasses combine perfectly the classic style of the past decades, with new aesthetic trends of Downtown New York.

The perfect harmony between past and present merge in ILLESTEVA glasses, achieve a product of latest trend, handmade with quality materials PREMIUM.

Some of their models as Illesteva Leonard, myths are true. Besides relaunch Illesteva sunglasses Leonard2 with amazing colors.

Palm Beach Illessteva glasses are ideal for daring girls and Illesteva of Emmanuel, crazy. We selected Dosde the better, Illesteva Boca and Illesteva Toohey so you can see it in our optic Bassol Gallery.


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The brand of sunglasses Illesteva presents its latest collection for this year with iconic models and perfect proportions based on a contemporary style. We show a collection that mixes past and present with the latest technology of the brand.

Undoubtedly, many celebrities and successful references they have chosen Illesteva brand to care for your pampered style. The new collection of sunglasses Illesteva will complement luxurious look to see actors, bloggers, singers, athletes, etc.

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